LEUER’s newfound love bliss on “I Can’t Believe I Found You”

An honest love song is hard to find, especially one that’s about falling in love with someone as they are falling in love with you at the same time. It’s that rare gem that most people want in their life. That’s exactly the feeling that LEUER’s new single, “I Can’t Believe I Found You” conveys.



After a hard breakup with his former partner, LEUER eventually found new love again – and the life-changing kind. In his latest single, “I Can’t Believe I Found You”, LEUER sings about finding someone that is exactly the right fit and everything about them brings you joy and hope for a long life together. It’s the purest of feelings and one that does not come around often.

LEUER learned the piano and guitar at an early age and soon became obsessed with manipulating sounds on a computer – and that is what he does now. His music is an experimental synthpop with live pianos and incredibly expressive vocals, exploring themes of love and relationships in the most sincere of ways. The artist cites everyone from Celine Dion to Lauv and Bon Iver as influences, and we can hear every piece of that in his songwriting.

With a natural knack for emotions and melancholia, LEUER isn’t afraid to try everything to make his music sound as he wants it. His vision always comes first and the always finds a way to get it done perfectly. “I Can’t Believe I Found You” is his biggest-sounding, more expressive, and experimental track to date and it’s so smooth to listen to it. Featuring sparkling synths and percussions, alongside the vocoder vocals and a sense of urgency from the very first moments. The beautiful lyrics about loving someone and having the nerve to tell them that, only to hear that being said back to you… It’s all very human and special.

And not only that – “I Can’t Believe I Found You” is that rare love song about mature love, about sharing your life with someone. It sounds fresh and exciting, with interesting production choices – the synths, the drums, the constant crescendo – but it only works because of the Heart that is underneath it all. It’s an honest love song.


Leuer press photo "I can't Believe I Found You"


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