Keelah Tay’s captivating new single “Time Zones”

Today’s artist Keelah Tay knows the troubles of relationships fading away after moving maybe even too well. Same world, yet worlds apart. Even the closest relationships may not stand against the power of time zones. It is really frustrating. But maybe it’s best to stop fighting and let go.

Throughout the years Keelah Tay has been moving around a lot, to the point changing locations was a normal part of her life. Saying goodbye and eventually losing touch with friends and family that stay behind is possibly the saddest part of moving away. Even now after settling down more permanently in LA, the goodbyes of moving worlds away still happen when friends move away. But instead of lingering around and trying very hard to maintain contact, the songwriter and performer has developed a different look on this situation.

Themed around long-distance relationships and the crushing weight of sheer distance unique to them, Keelah Tay’s new single “Time Zones” sets a longing mood with slow-paced percussion, sorrowful piano, and distant guitars. But while the song’s mood sways heavily in the sad feelings, there’s a determination on the lookout between the melodies and her lyrics. While the first instinct upon seeing a fading friendship is to try and keep it going, Keelah Tay addresses the burnout of feelings that brings, and eloquently points out that it’s best to let it run its course – “let go & rest from our time zone changes”.

A soul singer at the heart, Keelah Tay’s captivating stories wrapped in genre-crossing sounds are stemming from experiences coming from living as a human person. “Time Zones” strikes with its poetic lyrics that describe the multilayered feelings surrounding the fading friendships with clarity and nuance.

“Time Zones” by Keelah is out now

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