This is a beautiful/melancholic/hopeful track with a heavy dose of theatricality. Mixing the influences of Alt-Rock with the emotional side of Pop-Punk ballads, this artist sings with wonderful passion, asking if it is possible to turn back time. OUT NOW! (RD: 22/07/22)

Hello my friends! It’s a beautiful Monday morning here in Mexico City. I hope y’all doing well, staying safe, and that you enjoyed your weekend. Today we will talk about the upcoming single of this Dallas, USA artist called Xavier Bernazard!

I will talk about my experience as latinx, non-binary, neurodivergent human in my 20’s it ain’t easy but it’s sure as hell fun. You can also expect songs that will make you sing, cry, laugh, and fall in love with yourself.” – Xavier Bernazard

Xavier created this song on December 2021, after trying to coming up with some New Year resolutions. He immediately realized how much time had past, and how many people he’d met and lost along the way. This brought Xavier to an emotional breakdown, and so “Restart” came to be.

Just like in video-games, Xavier pictured the idea of being able to turn back time and mend a few errors. Wouldn’t that be something! Unfortunately life doesn’t work that way, but in “Restart”, Xavier sings with such a humane passion that it seems that time stands still.

He drew inspiration from bands like Evanescence, Paramore, My Chemical Romance, and Panic! at the Disco, mimicking the style of theatricality these bands have. With the help of his producer Nathan McCord, bassist Alex Hodge, and guitarist Fox DeVaughn, “Restart” was completed, and the result is fit for both the stage and a Disney movie!

I obviously mean that in a good way, as Xavier’s vocals have a magical way of delivering melodies, and even the words he offers seem to hold more power coming out of his mouth. The track starts with a stuttering synth that holds us throughout almost the whole track, while strummed guitars provide the harmony for Xavier’s vocals.

Sudden and unexpected high-gain guitars hit aggressively, supported by big, earthshaking drums. The track roller-coasters in a dynamic dance of low and high energy and, as we approach the end, the dynamics lower down, leaving us with only Xavier’s voice and a pure, simple guitar strum.

Restart is the second single for my upcoming album “Balloons For My Funeral” It is a nostalgic alt-rock track that speaks about the difficulty of life and the yearning to start over.” – Xavier Bernazard

As Xavier says, life ain’t no joke, so we better make the most out of it. That’s why we encourage you to hit that PLAY button NOW!!!

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