The Dust Collectors – “Take A Dive”

There are few bands that are willing to take the risk of using music to tell stories. Even fewer are the ones who achieve it. And yet, today’s featured single materfully narrates an exciting story through its lyrics, melodies and harmonies. “Take A Dive” is the debut single from Canadian band The Dust Collectors. A story about greed, corruption and boxing that is willing merge folk rock with an elaborated cinematic style that is worth checking out!

The Dust Collectors originated through casual Friday night jams that grew into songwriting projects. It consists of Matt Easton (lead guitar, lead vocals), Luke Giblin (rhythm guitars, mandolin, lead vocals), Steve Rozitis (bass, backing vocals) and Scott Stolee (drums, backing vocals). The idea for “Take A Dive” was born through sea shanties of the 1920’s and their narrative approach to music and various stories of Irish immigrants that had to work for the mob to make a living. The track was self-produced alongside Pat Paladry from Public Lunch Studios in Calgary, Canada.

“Take A Dive” focuses on the inner struggle and thoughts of a main character that is forced to fight a fixed boxing match for the mob. With their harmonies and striking melodies, The Dust Collectors raise the adrenaline level. The open chord progression and catchy tunes build up suspense. They make us pay attention to what will happen next, making us feel immersed in the situation. They strike, as if we were the character in the ring, facing our opponent, questioning ourselves if we are doing the right choice. The poetic lyrics paint the inner thoughts of the main character, serving as a deep character study of what it is like to be prideful. “Take A Dive” feels deeply engrained in a cinematic style, full of detail that never sacrifices its own musical complexity and at the same time achieving the perfect blend.

The Dust Collectors’ debut single “Take A Dive” immediately puts them on a different level. They have accomplished with one single what many other projects struggle to do even after various releases. The track is the first of an upcoming seven track EP, so make sure to follow The Dust Collectors for more exciting storytelling through good music!


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