Darcy McMann- “All In”

Today’s featured single is a dreamy indie pop from Darcy McMann. Using storytelling and lyricism to paint a mystical picture of what it is to have hope in dark times, of being witness to an overwhelming force that is larger than life itself, “All In” approaches us to an image rarely seen before of spirituality, inviting us to question and accept those things that we can’t really explain or understand.

Darcy McMann was previously the lead singer of Toronto-based band Beekeepers Society. He takes his inspiration from diverse artists such as Sufjan Stevens, Leonard Cohen, and M Ward in their atmospheric music to tell stories and offer an introspective look into what it is like to live from a spiritual level. With his music, McMann ponders heavy questions and invites the listener to do the same by creating heavenly atmospheres that powerfully complete, in conjunction with the lyrics, the complex ideas he explores. “All In” marks his debut as a solo singer-songwriter., marking the beginning of an exciting new journey for him.

“All In” first idea is about hope. To answer it, McMann engulfs us in a dreamy atmosphere, as if he were taking us to another level of being. He slowly, carefully but surely, captures our attention with each passing chord, drawing us deeper and deeper into a dream-like state, where we can only hear the music. Once there, He begins exercising his superb storytelling ability to touch us on themes like the existence of a greater force with his metaphoric visions. He catches us in the perfect mood and invites us to take his hand and accompany him through his thoughts and accept everything that comes to us.

“All In” marks the first step for Darcy McMann. With his deeply spiritual approach to music and his deep lyrics and sounds, that invite us to view the world in a different, more spiritual way, he surely will go far!

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