Lost Club – “Apathy”

Contemporary society seems to frown upon emotions. Expressing how we truly feel is discouraged: We must lie to ourselves and close our emotions. For Lost Club, apathy is characteristic of our modern society. In his upcoming single “Apathy“, he exposes how this mindset functions and how it affects our relationship with others and ourselves. Deep inside, even after how much society pressures us, emotions live deep within us and will always surge in an unexpected moment, unable to be contained: We will always yearn to feel.


Lost Club is the solo project by multi-instrumentalist Nicholas García. His sound has been compared with the Artic Monkeys, Tame Impala and The Strokes. Wrangly guitars with sonic soundscapes with echoey vocals, his presence in the scene has been growing with each of his new release which includes “Alone” and the EP Holding On To You. “Apathy” comes out with full force with his personal sound. An emotional rollercoaster, where even though we want to hold back our emotions, something leaks out.

“Apathy” is a rumination on the results of Western culture’s insistence on the denigration of emotions. The idea that emotions are not to be tolerated creates a resistance towards feeling, resulting in apathy. The song details the apathetic mindset, where emotions are void and discarded. I’ve often found barriers within myself that create dams towards my emotional energies. The verses describe this inability to feel, while the chorus reveals a yearning for feeling and the acceptance of everything that comes with it. -Lost Club

“Apathy” deals with an emotionless individual, who desires to feel. Lost Club presents an infinite soundscape in which we lose ourselves. The guitars and the vocals resonate with us, not only through its echoes and reverbs, but also emotionally. We connect through the space it creates: The void left when we are left without emotions. Lost Club finds the perfect metaphor for its main theme. Little by little, this empty space is filled with more emotion, more instruments, particularly in the chorus section. But can we go back to being the person we once were? We surely hope we can.

With “Apathy”, Lost Club is able to create a personal track that nonetheless resonates with our hearts and minds. It will be available in December 9th


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