BAAJ & BAAJ- “Sweet Earth”

With a melodic and hypnotizing voice, Baaj &Baaj newest release is a inspired and fresh reflection of the state of affairs of the modern world. “Sweet Earth” is a track that strives to examine how we relate to each other and how we can’t let hate shape who we are, while managing to construct an atmosphere that immerses us into this thought process through its synths. Intelligent, danceable and thought provoking, Baaj & Baaj’s proves to be one of the talents worth looking at!


Baaj & Baaj is a one man band. His work takes its roots from different sources of inspiration: mainly brit pop and new wave music. By blending this styles together, he guarantees an oringinal and personal sound. He takes out their harmonic lushness and combines it with modern beats. As a result, his music offers a combination of complexity without overshadowing its danceability, as we can hear with “Sweet Earth”.

“Sweet Earth” is a deep dive into adversity. How can we handle it in today’s divided context? Baaj & Baaj constructs an atmosphere through his harmonic experimentation that invites us into this state deep reflection. As he builds up his ideas of how to live in the world, the harmonies and melodies seem to grow more and more complex as he transmits a heavy emotion of solidarity. But what is special about his music is that, even though its lyrical complexity, Baaj & Baaj allows it to have a danceable approach. It makes its thought process easy to follow as the ideas he transmits to stick with us.

“Sweet Earth” is an interesting track in a musical and philosifical sense. In this new single, Baaj & Baaj makes a firm statement that must be heard so make sure to not miss it out!


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