Staytus- Disease Of The Mind

The human psyche is a dark place. Its depths go further beyond of what we think it is. By digging deeper and deeper, we find hidden desires that we even realized were really there. How can we confront these thoughts? Instead of rejecting them, newcomer Staytus embraces them with her debut album Disease Of The Mind through an aggressive, challenging and extremely original style that blends together industrial metal, grunge, emo and goth music, redefining each of those genres. With this LP, she explores each corner of the mind with an approach that provokes an emotional and physical response on the listener, as with other great artists that came before her. A sensory overload: Disease Of The Mind proves to be an excellent debut for Staytus!

Staytus has been writing music since the age of 15. Inspired by artsist such as Nine Inch Nails, Black Dresses, Odonis Odonis, Orgy, God Lives Underwater and Static-X, she has created a personal genre that she baptazied as nu-goth. Nu-goth blends industrial metal and grunge rock with the aim to represent the dark corners of the mind. She has given us a taste of this genre with the release of her previous singles as well as her EP Dreams From Hell. With Disease Of The Mind, Staytus expands the possibilities of her sound, immersing us in a dark atmosphere that attracts us with its gravitational pull; the mind is not a universe, it is a black hole.

Staytus creates a soundscape that has depth, emotion and strength. By creating a sense of space through her sound, she grounds the metaphorical exploration of the mind into a tangible reality. A space full of dark secrets that with each passing track we slowly unveil. The construction of this atmosphere from the very first track of the album “Absolute Terror“, permits Staytus to tackle themes that range from alienation, relationships and mental health which Disease Of The Mind approaches without filters. It overloads the senses. While her style may be described as aggressive, her approach to the subject matter is full of sensibility. Staytus gives a visceral performance that is transmitted in equal mesure to the listener, as we can appreciate in tracks such as “Decay“, “Hourglass” and “Nobody Cares“. We feel the sadness, the pain and the anger behind it all. However, there is a certain touch of tenderness in her voice and music in certain tracks of the album, such as “Part of Me“.

The debut album by Staytus Disease Of The Mind proves to be a force to be reckoned with. With the use of her instruments, her voice and her themes, Staytus’ debut album is more than an album itself, she constructs a complex mind to explore, to find ourselves immersed and to get ourselves lost in.

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  1. This is a cool find. Definitely share a lot of admiration for the same influences

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