Nick Noon- “Costumes”

Featuring an orchestral arrangement and his characteristic storytelling, with his signature versatile sound, Nick Noon’s newest single “Costumes“, reflects on the nature of how we show ourselves to the outside world, and how it influences us as well to create our own “costume” that may not be our true selves. It is a rebellious, thought-provoking indie-rock single that without a doubt you should not miss out!

Nick Noon’s sound is based on a bold proposal that blends songwriting, lyricism and rhythm. A jack of all trades, his style is based on finding just the right tone to express his ideas. As a result, all of his new releases carry a surprise factor with them. He builds a new style with each release, while also maintaining a promise of style and quality, pushing every boundary. In “Costumes”, Nick Noon blends, nostalgic progressive rock with folk rock. It is a single of his upcoming EP A Jejune Affair.

“Costumes” blends orchestral arrangements with pop rock sound. It constructs an emotional ambience that allows its themes to come out with full force. Nick Noon plays with metaphors to explore the relationship we share with those who surround us and how we are almost forced to put on “costumes” to fit in today’s society. While heavy in its themes, Noon masterfully manages to make a catchy and danceable track with his voice and instrumentation, showing his ability to transform his sound through an expressive and nostalgic personal style, innovative and bold.

With each new single, Nick Noon makes us clear that he is able to adapt depending on what he is willing to go to next. “Costumes” shows an exciting and successful way how far Nick can experiment and blend his sound. Do not miss it out!


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