Darcy McMann’s faithful new single “Empty Grave”

Singer-songwriter Darcy McMann has released a new single called “Empty Grave”! It is a calm and introspective single that makes us reflect on the nature of faith and life. McMann generates an ethereal landscape where the listeners are immersed in an almost cinematic fashion. “Empty Grave” serves as a reminder that there is hope after all and all we need to do is find it in ourselves.


Darcy McMann’s sound takes us into a dreamlike state. Inspired by artists like Sufjan Stevens, Beach House, Bob Dylan, and Leonard Cohen, McMann is an expert in creating atmospheric music that resonates with the themes he explores in the lyrics.

He brings to the listener a sense of wonder, which invites us to a trip to another world where we can see ourselves from afar, introducing us to new emotions and ideas we rarely experience in our everyday life. “Empty Grave” is a perfect example of how Darcy McMann achieves through his storytelling and music.

Darcy McMann "Empty Grave" press photo

Empty Grave’s main motifs are faith and hope. Darcy McMann presents them with his introspective lyrics that expertly paint images and stories to illustrate his worldview. He invites us to dream with his music, with his soothing voice, angelical strings, and background vocals: each one entering right on cue, as McMann introduces an idea or an emotion through the lyrics, building one upon the other, complimenting themselves perfectly. As the song progresses and the music and its themes develop, we find ourselves deeply into a meditative state that draws deep into our emotions, a perfect state of mind to find ourselves and our faith.

Darcy McMann’s “Empty Grave” is magical and ethereal and finds hope in unexpected places. Expertly crafted and emotionally powerful, it is a single that you should not miss out!


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