Gunslingers’ promising debut with “Green Acres Motel”

With their debut EP Green Acres Motel, American band Gunslingers delivers a bold folk rock proposal that takes the genres in new directions. The six tracks of the EP offer musicality, poetry, and beauty through powerful storytelling and vocals. Death, love, heartache regrets, and memories invade the EP. They take us into a faraway dreamscape, with a homely sense that only Gunslingers can deliver!


Gunslingers is a folk/americana band that was born from vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Lou Heneise’s solo act. By performing live, she met many talented artists who little by little began joining her band to the point that it did not feel right to call the band Lou Heneise. Gunslingers conformed by Lou Heneise, John Swan II (harmonies, banjo, trumpet, percussion), Michael Vasquez (mandolin), and Jon Howard (fiddle). Their music is deeply indebted to the work of various artists that include Tom Waits, Shovels and Rope, Shakey Graves, and many more. Green Acres Motel marks its debut work!

What makes Green Acres Motel special is how Gunslingers mark their approach to folk/americana as their characteristic sound. Oftentimes experimental, they are not afraid of breaking conventions to evoke a sense of introspection, so we can be finding ourselves in our deepest inner thoughts. Even though they sing about dark themes like murder (“How To Sleep”) and death (“Happy Hunting”), their music and Lou Heneise’s voice guarantee a calming atmosphere that invites the listener to take a deep look into the fragility of life.

Their guitars and fiddles conjure up melancholic melodies, of memories of that special one (“Step Up”) and lost loves (“Winking”). Gunslingers focus on the details to make the sensations we feel listening to their music feel real, like the heartache that occasionally comes our way (“Old Friend”). Green Acres Motel masterfully closes with an experimental track that uses a traffic jam as backing vocals to wonderful, spiritual vocals (“Gloryland”).

Green Acres Motel is a powerful and promising debut EP by Gunslingers that takes folk in an unexpected direction. The nostalgic and melancholic feelings that each of the six tracks transmits to the listener are sure to accompany them for a good amount of time. Do not miss it!

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