If I Fall” delivers a wonderful listening experience and I deep dive into the inner personal thoughts of the artist. A sensible and honest representation of how fragile we can be.

SYNEYE is the brand new project of Swiss, Berlin-based singer-songwriter and producer Morgane Matteuzi. An artist not only with a beautiful voice and top-notch production skills but with also a very rare condition called synesthesia: The perceptual phenomenon of seeing sounds.

Each sound has a unique colour, shape, and texture that she sees through her mind’s eye.

This isn’t the first time that synesthesia is seen within an artist, as people like Wassily Kandinsky and Alexander Scriabin shared it too, and in the same way, as it did with them, synesthesia has always influenced Morgane in the way she creates music. For her, electronic sounds appear the most beautiful… Wow, that must be mind-blowing!

“If I Fall” is SYNEYE’s second single release up to date, following her debut single In My Shadow. As mentioned above, electronica holds a very strong place in her music. On this single, Morgane takes us on a journey to the deepest of her mind, where vulnerability and second thoughts have their place.

The song is a rendering of the fragility of the mind and holds within it a certain beauty that soothes with its honesty and acceptance of mortality. Synths, pads, echoing vocals and underwater percussions settle the mood for a downtempo track that amazes by the minute.

SYNEYE talks about illness, the meaning of life and existential fears, subjects that affect each one of us and that she does not hesitate to evoke in an atmosphere of benevolence and beauty.”

Morgane wrote, produced, and recorded the song in her student room and later teamed up with her friend Akhil Kodamanchili of The Sounds Within for mixing and mastering. This is a very potent new single by the talented artist and leaves us craving to hear more of her amazing voice and production techniques.

All Photos by: Samuel Phyton

Make Up: Eleara Salvati

Photo Edit: Fanny Themlin & Morgane Matteuzi

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