Bones In Butter turn the end of human civilization into a holly jolly drive in their brand new single “Another Cloud“. Once again, these fantastic artists have delivered a perfect song that makes us think about the recent global situation with a smiling face.

You all know that I love the BiB, after their last single and review I really feel that these guys are growing so much as a band. With this new single, BiB proves yet again that genres are no limit for them, displaying the chemistry they have between them.

Milutin Krasevic (vocals, synths, samples, music & lyrics), Luna Skopelja (vocals, synths), Todor
Zivkovic (guitars, FX), Srdjan Popov (bass), and Tom Fedja Franklin (drums) now present to us a rather depressing theme about the loss of connection between us humans due to the pandemic, but covering it all up with very cheerful instrumentation that feels like a walk in the park. Now, that’s balance!

I didn’t know whether to cry or smile as I was listening to “Another Cloud”, but what is certain is that BiB are not losing their charismatic touch at all. The music is fantastic and feels like another place; a better place, actually! Although the verses sing to us words of loneliness, the track as a whole makes you feel welcomed and warm. As if everything that’s happening had no power over us, and that is something!

When the verses stop, guitar voices continue, and so the track keeps evolving into a psychedelic paradox, and a tool of transmutation.

“We always deal with serious issues and often in an ironic fashion. The same here, it is a shattering and heart-breaking tale about love, virtual realities, alienation, absence of physical contacts and thus, doom of human civilization as we know it.” – BiB

As depressing as it may sound, “Another Cloud” is an amazing and fulfilling music experience that should be listened to on a regular basis. I know I will! So we encourage you to do so as well.

As for BiB plans for 2022, first, they will be focusing on their next two releases and then begin the preparations and promo for the release of their second album “Songs For A Sane Society” which will include all their previous singles but also unreleased tracks.

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