N4November “Constant Reminder”

We’re glad to announce that Sydney, Australia-based solo artist N4November has released a new single, entitled “Constant Reminder.”

As the sole member of N4November, Alex is the lead vocalist, guitarist and songwriter. Forming in July of 2021, N4November is influenced by artists such as Taylor Swift, The 1975, 5 Seconds of Summer, Paramore, With Confidence, The Maine, You Me At Six, Waterparks, Nothing But Thieves, Palaye Royale, and We The Kings. “N4November is a name I decided to go under instead of my real name, Alex, because I didn’t want people to think of just me when listening to it, I want the listeners to adapt my songs to their lives,” Alex says.

N4November has already played a gig at Lazybones Lounge in Newtown, Sydney, Australia, performing an acoustic set of released and unreleased songs while opening for Warwick Smith (a duo band of Warwick and Luke, who go under the lead singer’s name); and he’s also released a previous single entitled “Dear Friend” (for which you can read our review here). 

Now N4November has returned with a new track, “Constant Reminder,” which was recorded in Breakaway band member, Rich Mammoliti’s, home studio. Having been stuck at a no-writing space, Alex was inspired by the chord progression and strumming pattern of the song “Pieces” by Sum41, bringing something out in him that helped him to write “Constant Reminder,” as he poured out whatever he was feeling into the song. “Unlike my previous song ‘Dear Friend,’ where I was trying to tell a story, this song is just full of mumbo jumbo of how I was feeling at the time, very emotionally raw, most lines don’t really match up to the previous ones, very messy thoughts of mine,” Alex says about the lyrical themes in his latest single.  

Further detailing the backstory behind “Constant Reminder,” Alex writes: 

So when Sydney went into it’s 2nd major lockdown in August 2021, just right after my first single, Dear Friend, had been release, I had no way of making my 2nd song like I had planned. Sydney wasn’t allowed to travel outside of their residential suburb, and so I couldn’t travel to my producer’s home studio. So I did what I knew best, song-write.

But unlike the songs I wrote right after Dear Friend’s production was finished, nothing came to mind, absolutely nothing. No life experience, or movies, or media or songs could inspire me at that time. I was stuck.

But as time went on during the lockdown, feeling’s arose, I wasn’t allowed to see my friends, the people I hold closest to me, and everything just started to creep in. Felt like everyday felt the same as if it were repeating. And so instead of writing about something I was living through in the moment, I decided to write about the things I felt when I combed through my memories of when I did hang out with the ones I hold close. I always have a great time when we’re together, it’s just when they leave, my overthinking sets in. ‘When is the next time I’m going to see them?’ ‘Is this the time they finally realise I’m just a waste of time?’ ‘Will I ever see them again knowing what they know about me?’

Major overthinking, which led to this song. So if the lockdown never happened, this song would’ve never existed, which is really crazy to think about. I’m always thinking about if the 2020 lockdowns never happened, would Folklore by Taylor Swift ever have happened?

And so by the time lockdown eased up, I took the first chance I could to get this produced, and my producer, Rich Mammoliti, he did an amazing job at it, took what I enjoyed in music and brought it to life. I can’t wait for the next song.

“Constant Reminder” begins with an emotive, string-like synth melody and muted, clean-toned electric guitar notes, additional layers of synths soon joining in to create the perfect backdrop for Alex’s compelling vocal melodies during the track’s first verse. Distorted electric guitar chords and powerful drumming later punctuate the verse, nicely foreshadowing the following chorus, which is driven by a distorted guitar chord progression and highlighted by bright synth leads. From beginning to end, “Constant Reminder” is quite an enjoyable listen, the track’s introspective lyrics and catchy melodies once again showcasing both N4November’s brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship. I would highly recommend this track to fans of alternative/indie rock and pop/rock alike.

During Taylor Swift’s live performance of Last Kiss on her Speak Now world tour, she said: ‘I think we need music the most when we’re feeling things really intensely.’ And that quote has always stuck with me since 2011. I truly need music in every aspect of my day to day life, and so instead of adapting songs to my life, I started writing songs about my life” – Alex from N4November

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