Alex- “How Can You Be Gone?”

Mourning is an emotion that we will experience in one way or another in our lives. The feeling of losing someone close to us is difficult. Everyone has their own way to process it, and it may take time to fully come to terms with it. This is what American singer-songwriter Alex’s new single, “How Can You Be Gone?“, is about: A moving track that narrates a personal yet relatable moment about dealing with loss. Alex captures the diverse emotions one goes through, with an intimate touch that moves us to tears.

Alex’s proyect consists of singer-songwriter Alexsandra Bossi and songwriter-producer Bobby Yaps. The duo takes inspiration from a variety of artists ranging from Amy Winehouse, Adele, and Michael Buble. Sharing a jazz and pop background, they experiment with their sound from song to song, transforming it according to its themes.

“How Can You Be Gone?” is inspired by a personal experience from Alexsandra’s life: the loss of a close friend of hers Shawn. Alexsandra and Shawn met during their freshman years in college. Their friendship extended all the way to the workplace. That is why, after years of shared experiences, Shawn’s announcement of his cancer in 2016 caused an emotional shock in Alexsandra, finding herself in a state of disbelief. But Shawn fought back. A year later, he entered a state of remission, the good news that coincided with Alexsandra’s pregnancy. However, in 2017, his PET scan showed concerning results. By July of the same year, he was weak once again. Alexsandra made sure to accompany him until his last days. He passed away shortly after.

They say that everyone grieves differently but to be honest, I’ve never known how. I can’t cry, I never know what to say; the only feeling I’m ever able to identify is confusion. So I just kept thinking “how can you be gone?”
After my son fell asleep, I snuck downstairs to my living room, opened a notebook, and wrote. I sang the sad words into my phone and forwarded it to my co-writer Bobby Yapchanyck. Within 48 hours, we had written this song. Despite having assembled the song so quickly, Bobby and I wouldn’t record it until 2021. It’s my sincerest hope that “How Can You Be Gone?” will help people to feel less alone as they grieve their losses. –Alex

“How Can You Be Gone?” is a song that carries a lot of emotion in its lyrics and music. The images Alex and Bobby construct with their lyrics are relatable to every one of us that have experienced the difficult process of mourning. They remind us that we are not alone in this process and that we will never be. The piano and the strings of the song at first, start as if they were an echo. But as the song progresses, they gain strength and presence, as if the memory of those who are no longer with us came back to us and told us that they will always be in our hearts. Alex’s vocals are the emotional punch that wraps up the themes of the song. She easily shows us her range in both a musical and emotional sense.

“How Can You Be Gone?” by Alex is a gut-wrenching song that moves us to our very core. A song that reminds us of our emotions and of those close to us who have passed away.

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