Lapels – “The Life and Times”

Rapidly rising young band Lapels is back again with another fantastic 90’s Rock inspired track that invites us to give ourselves a fighting chance. The life & Times brings back memories of a time when everything seemed to be a lot simpler and more fun.

I find rejoice to listen to these lads one more time! After their marvelous single All Things Down To You, which by the way made Track 10 in our Top 100 Songs 2021, these kids are back at it again with yet another “Guitar Music” single that sheds a little light over all of us.

Starting with the unmistakable acoustic guitars of Lapels, this track presents a more mellow & downtempo vibe to the Lapels catalog. The indie/pop outtake of the single is pretty much appreciated, and what stands out the most is the massive explosion of high-gain guitars and the wonderful foundation of drums & bass.

Lapels like to “share” the lead vocals, and this time, the sung melodies are delivered by Nathan. Lyrics are uplifting and speak of day-to-day emotions and experiences. Familiar and welcoming, “The Life & Time” lends a helping hand to a friend in need. An amazing wall of sound can be heard as it lifts our spirits with its high-vibration energy and leads screaming guitars.

Many emotions can be felt as one listens, the one that stands the most is hope. And love! Heavily influenced by Oasis, Blur and The Arctic Monkeys Nathan and the boys created a track where we can all feel safe in a time of need. Just like the classics!

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