Unknown but Essentials! (February 2022)

February 28, 2022.

Hey, I hope you’re doing great my dear music lovers’ friends, this is the next chapter for our round-up Unknown But Essentials! I hope you find enjoyable the following tracks released this month and that maybe, only maybe you’re missing out. If you want to check out our previous edition you can do it here.

Here you have 25  great tracks for your enjoyment(39 on the playlists at the end of this article, but I’ll only list 12 here), don’t forget to follow, stream, support, share, and add them to your playlists. If you enjoy their music and can provide monetary support, you might consider downloading it on Bandcamp (you’re going to find the links here, from  those who have).


1- Yours, Bittersuite  Colors That You Like  “I’m unwoke and a rebel. My message is political fighting hypocrisy. I want to remind everyone what rock music once was meant for: to reflect social issues and question and shake up. And she has a clear message. To fight against liberal fascism”.

“I have always been bittersweet – vulnerable and tough at the same time. My voice is my weapon. I was raised as a liberal person but the increasing pressure in society to comply has strengthened my conservative values. I’m a warrior for freedom of speech and I will not allow anyone to censor me. Because there is always another perspective, a different take…”

2.- Leibniz Prove.  Leibniz are an alt-rock 3-piece from Brighton, UK. After many lineup changes and wading through the rocky and uncertain times of the pandemic, Leibniz (Dan, Jack, Elisha) released Prove, their first single. Prove is among Leibniz’ few happy songs, written in the moment guitarist/singer Dan released they had spent far too long weighed down by the feeling of having something to prove all the time. Prove is the heart of Leibniz’ sound – mellow, calm verses; and fuzz driven, cathartic choruses.

I can’t help myself but everytime that I listen to this track Nirvana’s sounds comes to my mind.

3.- FRND CRCL, Life The Party  In their own words: is a POPPUNKPUNKROCKALT Band from New Jersey. We aim to put the pop in pop punk by writing catchy songs that get stuck in your head for hours on end. Our sound is reminiscent of the early 00’s only modernized so that it’s cool. Our new song”LIFEOFTHEPARTY” is one of the heaviest songs we’ve ever done. It embodies a lot of emotion lyrically, while supercharging the delivery with huge guitars. We hope you like it and we hope you feel alive.

4- Wrong Odds  Psycho

Wrong Odds are a punk rock duo consisting of Adrien Idiot and Dale Carmichael. A taping foot, a nodding head, or a chaotic mosh pit, the aim is to make you move. The songs are fast, loud and bound to get stuck in your head.

The pair have played in various bands since 2011 (Primate Patrol, I.R. Idiot, Twisted Limbs, Cold Shakes, Fist Fight with Gandhi). Adrien Idiot leads the group on guitar and vocals while Dale Carmichael holds the beat and groove on bass and drums.

Wrong Odds debut single “Psycho” was recorded overnight on January 15, 2022 at LIP Media Productions studio in Thunder Bay, ON.

The song was inspired by the ongoing lockdowns of the pandemic which seems to make everyone go a little bit psycho. As a duo the band performs primarily as guitar, vocals and drums but opted to develop the full band sound for their studio recording introducing additional percussion and bass. They are inspired by the classic ‘77 punk bands and contemporary artists such as The Vicious, Jay Reatard, Drakulas, and The Hex Dispensers. The duo aim to make high energy music that will make you want to dance and sing psycho-o-o-o.

5.- Harsh Language Melancholia    is an upcoming two-piece alt-rock band from London, riffing on a life-long love of guitar music and embracing samples, synths and sounds to create an emotive wall of melodic noise. After their 2020 EP ‘Distortions’, ‘Melancholia’ is the first song from their upcoming second EP, taking influence from heavier rock and electronica, with the lyrics inspired by the general apathy that the world seems to be feeling right now towards some major factors in our lives – mainly the climate crisis and the corruption we’re seeing in the people who govern us – as we look to find a way back from two years spent recovering from a global pandemic. It is a powerful, emotive track that tries to capture the melancholy felt from an uncertain future. And they nailed it!!!

6.- Baudelaire Prayers  Inspired by the bleak environment of their native Black Country, post-punk band Baudelaire explores the unlit corners of the human condition. Weaving gothic atmospheres together with an industrial menace, the group delivers a style that is as unnerving as it is cathartic. Despite having only formed in 2021, the six-piece have already supported established acts such as Cabbage, Document and King Nun.

7- Opal Skies  Parasite

If you don’t know Opal Skies, they are a band based in West London, UK, and are ripping up the alternative rock scene. The group are known for their manic and animated live shows. Opal Skies create intense, passionate rock that fuses punk rawness with pop atmospheres, with influences of genres such as drill, drum and bass and metal. After a year hiatus, the band are back with a fresh vision and renewed creativity. They have over half a dozen releases planned, and a tour across the UK to follow. Opal Skies look to not only experiment with their creative direction, but also to form a commentary on the unprecedented current state of society – lead singer Will Sharp crafting lyrics to note the climate emergency and more. The band look to enhance their live shows with their new music, while pushing the boundaries of creativity in their genre.

Their new single ‘Parasite’ explores negative thoughts in the brain from a first person perspective, and how they can spiral out of control.

Lead singer Will Sharp says: “Parasite is a song close to our hearts. We’ve all gone through times in our lives where we have had spiralling negative thoughts and it feels like a parasite in our minds. The lyrics speak from the first person and personify this negative thought, speaking from its perspective as if it is a conscious being. We felt like this would give a different interpretation of mental health to our listeners, hoping to help them view their negative thoughts in a different way. We hope the lyrics will help some of our fans.”

8.- Cuffs Watch Me Die

Watch me die is about the deterioration of mental health. It’s about the people who know you’re deteriorating but won’t acknowledge it. It’s about the people, who will actively watch you suffer, and the people who will inevitably, watch you die.’- Brodie Morgans (Cuffs)  

The resources to help those who are suffering are overwhelmed to the point of breaking; it is vital to reach out to those around you who suffer and offer your support.

Like their previous releases CUFFS prove they can tap into societal and mental health issues in a masterful way. Showing us that they are more than just loud noises, they’re a deep thinking and thought-out band that can resonate with their listeners.

CUFFS wanted to encapsulate their raw, high energy, passionate live shows within this latest single, which was engineered and produced by Matthew Cook Producer, mastered by Pete Maher Mastering and Artwork designed by Flowers & Bones.

9.- lost,there idwbs   in his own words “It’s about being surrounded by the people that made you, and are still making you into who you are. About the laughter, hugs, and “i love yous” that are passed around endlessly in a small apartment in the freezing northeastern winter. It’s every moment that makes you feel on top of the world”. André Vargas Roo

10.- Horse Doctor  Sinking

Our Soundgarden – Fall of Troy mashup featuring frantic guitars. A demanding but rewarding listen about embracing isolation; angst and frustration closing in on cathartic surrender.

Horse Doctor banded together in Montreal to graze along the angular edge of Post-Punk and Emo. This degenerated naturally into a band of scavengers picking over the bones of guitar rock without nostalgia, only interested in finding the best meat.

Four friends, now in four different cites: Jake (guitar, vox) is obsessed with tonal and structural complexity, Arsenii (drums) deeply craves zen and simplicity, Binh (guitar) wants all space to be filled at all times, and Liam (bass) lives to challenge convention. Through this conflict, the unique sound of Horse Doctor emerges. It’s not what any of us would do on our own, but it’s something we can all agree on.

11.- Space Basement Cult  The More I Need You

Spacey Basement Cult is an experimental wonk-pop group based in Leeds setting out to blur the lines between slacker pop and jazz, humour and melancholy. After not releasing any new music in 2021, The Cult are exploding back onto the scene with a series of singles followed by their second EP (The Basement) which see them creating more pop inspired sounds.

The first of these singles – The More I Need You – is an unpredictable and psychedelic musical journey from underground wonk-pop group, Spacey Basement Cult. With its driving drum grooves, pulsating synthesisers and gnarled guitar sounds, the song follows the narrator’s journey into an eventually uncontrolled space death. The Cult create a fresh sonic cocktail for their listeners through experimental DIY bedroom production, an emotional vocal approach and a creative mindset that is having too much fun to see any boundaries.

12.- The Prickly Pair Rosemary

The Los Angeles-based duo of Irene Greene and Mason Summit. And that is quite the introduction, those words being the first lines of their debut single, “Rosemary.” With its distinctive mix of heartbreak and resignation, carried in Greene’s vibrant words and rich voice and wrapped in haunted swirls of country slide, distorted guitars and multi[1]hued keyboards and effects, the song is a gripping kick-off to a series of singles in advance of an EP set to come later this year.

Angsty Americana is the very loose term The Prickly Pair has used to describe its approach, but the inspiration for “Rosemary” is hardly your typical Americana subject. Or perhaps it’s the ultimate one: Rosemary Kennedy. While many songs have been inspired by John and Robert Kennedy, this is likely the first to be inspired by the story of their sister. Rosemary was developmentally disabled and suffered seizures and emotional difficulties. Her father had her lobotomized at age 23, leaving her largely incapacitated, and she was sent away to live most of her life in an institution in Wisconsin. It’s a story that Greene stumbled upon while in college, and found fascinating.

“You always hear about the Kennedys and how they were maybe unlucky, tragically,” she says. “But I thought that in this case it was really that they were hurting one of their own. I thought it was interesting that I’d never heard anything about her, so I did some research and it really hit home for me.”

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