Red Skies Mourning takes us on a sweet ride of romantic melodies in this new Pop single. “In The Moment” is a super catchy tune filled with groovy 80’s beats and charming vocals perfect for all of those craving for retro-dancing melodies.

With a brand new sound, our good friend, multi-instrumentalist and producer Red Skies Mourning redefines himself as a much better version of his past-self. This man continues to evolve and create music that portrays that same evolution.

After the release of his last singles Lost Without You, Deep Moonlight, Paralyzed and Light Of Mine, RSM now returns with a song that not only sounds more refined, but marks a new chapter on the artist’s musical endeavour.

With a dark-feeling intro created by a driving bass line and a couple of guitar chords, “In The Moment” suddenly snaps with the kick and the bass, creating a powerful/groovy ambience where the vocals can thrive. With an almost synth-wave style, the atmosphere and the rhythm of this track makes us dream and fall in love with the echoes behind every verse and chorus.

This man has gone throw a multitude of musical experiences. From being in Punk/Rock/Metal bands and opening for bands like Bad Brains, Suicidal Tendencies, and GWAR, to writing outstanding Pop/Rock songs, RSM keeps getting better and better and still retains that Rock & Roll spirit that shines bright within him.

As I wrote, this marks only the beginning of the new chapter of Red Skies Mourning as the artist has completed a multitude of singles yet to be released. We can expect his ever charming vocals, his groovy beats and the Pop-infused melodies, but I’m sure that we’ll be nurtured with something else that is yet to be discovered!

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