Russian dark-wave trio Under Delusion delivers a seductive single filled with powerful, dark energy and flawless post-punk production. “Lover” welcomes Under Delusion’s debut album, and promises an unprecedented experience of dark melodies and Electronica elements.

Once again, this prolific Russian band makes an outstanding return. Every single element in the track holds you with a tight grip and takes you deep into its seductive vocals. Mixing the dreamy with the euphoric, this alluring anthem will stay with you as it whispers in your ears: “I wanna be your lover”.

With a bass-heavy groove, “Lover” takes us back to simpler times with music akin to the likes of the Goth movement in the 90s. Seamlessly, the tension and release of the track create a perfect mold for the melodies to thrive, grow and expand into an explosion of grace and sexuality.

The ask and the response of the synths coexisting with the heated beat of the drums make the chorus as catchy as it can be, while airy synths and percussive elements lay a bed of hypnotic stability. Following the steps of bands like Depeche Mode, Sisters of Mercy, or even Placebo, this song is a perfect example of what dark-wave can be.

With over one million streams globally and counting, Under Delusion are effectively uniting the essential qualities – passion, talent, devotion and work ethic.

This single is the title track for their debut album “Lover”, an album with an eclectic range of tracks that touch on a variety of moods. It explores the depths of love, passion, anger, pain, and even desperation. And it’s available, right now!

Under Delusion are currently based in Moscow, but have many friends and family in Ukraine. We wish them all safety, and may this horrible situation end soon. Feel free to send them some love.

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