Chris Caulfield’s somber and seductive “Feelings”

Infectious, groovy, and chilled, this “melodic rap” tune by Canadian artist, Chris Caulfield makes us shiver with its uncanny vibe and mysterious feelings.


It wouldn’t be a good job if a song titled “Feelings” didn’t make you feel anything. Luckily, this new track makes us feel A LOT. Quite somber but with a seductive approach, this track hypnotizes with its low cadence and the sometimes melodic, sometimes raging vocals of Chris.

The subtle but steady beat lures us into Chris’ dark emotions, almost un-noticed guitars provide a silky stream of notes while the eerie verses push forward. Almost with a Latin sense to it, the soft textures of the track make an instant contrast with the roughness of the lyrics.

Bouncy and tasteful, “Feelings” takes us on a thrilling drive proper of a night of terror…

Chris created the track after going through a rough patch where stress took a hold of him, eventually bringing him to some kind of a breakdown, or as he calls it: “Protection mode”.

The brain can go into “protect” mode after periods of intense anxiety or stress, like a shutoff. During a highly challenging time last year, I noticed these periods where I’d feel numb, or empty, following these moments. On one hand, the calm was welcome, free from the anguish felt in the moments prior – but on the other, it was also disconcerting.” – Chris Caulfield

I had the opportunity to have a little Q&A with Chris about this song and how he endured the times he went through. It was really nice! You can read it here, only in Less Than 1000!:

1.- Could you please tell us about the musical influences you used to make this song?

Musical influences overall are diverse, I grew up on a lot of classic rock, 90s/2000s alternative, emo, metal, all of it, and then the last maybe 10-15 years, been a lot of hiphop, so the list of influences is long.

Specific to this project, I’d say maybe pulling from ones like David Bowie, 10 Years, Three Days Grace, J. Cole, JuiceWrld, and even Screamin’ Jay Hawkins. 

2.- There’s obviously a lot going on in the lyrics and the vocals, a lot of story and emotions. I’m not gonna ask you what you went through (even though if you wanna share please do), but could you tell us how you managed to cope with these situations you went through?

It’s a big theme in my recent project, a lot of my singles are focused on different aspects in terms of the impact, or coping, or resolution, or even hypotethicals or like “rumination” within the track – I think I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression for some time, cumulative effects of years of the stresses of running my own businesses, and dealing with chronic pain, etc, and in 2019 just found myself in a bad place between a business venture going sideways, a couple of personal relationships along with it, and issues with my health, and pain, and all of this COMING INTO the pandemic, which messed us all up.

I then went through a period where it became clear that I’ve been too focused on what I’ve been doing and neglecting this, and after one of the worst periods in my life, sought help and started dealing with it properly. I think that beyond seeking help, which requires a lot of reflecting, focusing on ongoing reflection, leaning into things to explore them, why you’re reacting or feeling a certain way, accepting things, are all ways I learned to cope – and music has been a huge outlet for release. Hearing things back sometimes in itself can be helpful, and connecting with others who have connected with the songs is probably the best part of it.

3.- There’s a bit of a seductive vibe to the track, was this intentional?

I think sometimes the emotion/passion around particular high-intensity concepts maybe comes across that way, the whole cathartic aspect of it, I think can hover the same line, but also so much of music is how it’s received by the listener, how you hear it and want to interpret it, so while not intentional, I think it’s logical with the content I’ve been focused on.

4.- If you had to name your biggest influence, who/or what would that be?

My biggest musical influence, right now, is probably a toss up between JuiceWrld, Halsey and a few others. Outside of just the “music” I would have to say Drake, as a whole, just what he’s been able to accomplish is nothing short of incredible, and being a Canadian artist, it’s encouraging.

5.- Anything else you’d like to add. (upcoming gigs, a message to the fans, etc.)

This song, Feelings, I’ve just confirmed will be remixed by a Grammy-nominated EDM producer from Europe, which is exciting! Hoping to share more details on that in the near coming weeks, as well as working on another release, my first with a UK-based label I’ve recently been working with, which should be shortly behind the remix!

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