Unknown But Essentials! (March 2022)

March 31, 2022

Hey, how are you? I hope you’re doing well, March is gone… but left us a tone of great tunes that I think you might be missing and I can’t allow that to happen, I added 41 tracks this month to this Playlists that is growing and now is over 80 tracks so far this year, but remember that each month has it’s own playlist.

Let’s take a look at some of them don’t forget to follow, stream, support, share, and add them to your playlists. If you enjoy their music and can provide monetary support, you might consider downloading it on Bandcamp (you’re going to find the links here, from  those who have). If you want to check the previous deliveries you can do it here.


1.- Broken Clouds Sunday League Apologies is a short study of the messy middle of a relationship backed by grungy guitars, warm bass and a hard hitting snare.

2.- James’ Room Come In in their own words: “Our debut single, “Come In”is a furious ride, exploring ideas of feeling trapped, invisible, and under-appreciated, by those you thought closest to you. A punchy rhythm section twinned with that huge guitar sound, creates the perfect base for Sam’s vocals to deliver the message that the band want everyone to hear and connect with”.

3.- GmBt Life Ten minutes  With hearts close to Finland and Afghanistan, GmBt Life is a French based three man band: Aleksi Mäkelä + Timo Zwandun + Nabim Fieev. They come from diffetent countries, live in diverse regions, and routinely meet to play music. They like to begin with bare melodies and then improvise with various intruments and PCs. That’s the way they make songs or bits of music that they attempt to record rapidly.

The three musicians are fully independant. They do all you can hear or see: they compose, play the music, record it, mix it, they take the pictures, they make the videos as well as the band website. They have developped their own play style with atmospheres and textures influenced by the sixties & the seventies as well as the nineties music scene.

Some state that their Music is a blend of the Western way of expression and the

Eastern way of thought. Their first album “10 Minutes” (due out April 22nd) is a journey that takes the form of a universal  introspection about time.

4.-Floodhounds Panic Stations “A blast of stomping, fuzzed up guitar, savage drums and punchy bass by Yorkshire trio FloodHounds taps into the melody of indie, the grit of blues and the fury of punk. New track Panic Stations captures FloodHounds’ raw and unruly live energy.

5.- Absinthe Green Dead Before My Eyes  a high-powered enthralling rock anthem, coming from the kick-off full album, “Of Love and Pain”. Absinthe about the song: “I wrote ‘Dead Before My Eyes’ after a very traumatic relationship had ended and I was left feeling weak and intimidated. I picked up my bass and began playing the main riff, and that’s how the song was born. It was the first time I started experimenting with less poetic and more literal and -in your face- lyrics, and the songwriting process worked as catharsis for me. “

6.- Depression, Mom Band from Philadelphia that is inspired by music from Bing Crosby and Lawrence Welk to The Ronettes and Kurt Cobain.

7.- Martellos Card Tricks in their own words “is a bass-driven seductress providing snapshots of three separate scenes from a house party. It is loosely based on personal experiences going to college in Galway, Ireland. Each scene consists of a different sequence of events with different characters all under the same roof. The theatre of a house party is a recurring motif in the song. This motif was worked in to draw attention to the light-acting many undertake in general social situations and specifically at parties. The idea that people act and are perceived very differently to how they truly are is shown through several instances in the song, and this links in with the references to theatre throughout. The verses are broken up by a melodic synth riff before a stripped back, 505-by-the-arctic-monkeys-esque breakdown leads us into the all-in outro”.

8.- Conflict Choir What Are You Doing It For? Conflict Choir are a psychedelic genre bending rock powerhouse hailing from the UK. Born from the lockdowns of 2020, this exciting new band consists of some of the UK’s most diverse session musicians (Uli Jon Roth, Girls Of The Internet, Adina Howard and much more) and deliver a potent message that encapsulates the turmoil and confusion of navigating through today’s world.

9.- Projector Play Along “showcases the band’s characteristic dual vocal and lyrical dexterity, with singer-guitarist Edward Ensbury’s deadpan exploration of ‘the cognitive dissonance that allows you to feel like you are god’s gift whilst simultaneously feeling like a piece of shit.’ An infectious up-tempo chorus set off by dark synth soundscapes marries PROJECTOR’s post-punk origins with new sonic flavours. Singer-bassist Lucy Sheehan says, ‘We liked the idea of a PROJECTOR song that sounds like it could have been co-written with an 80s sci-fi film composer.’”

10.- Darinka  How’s the View is in the prime of her artist development channeling the energy of exhausted youth by utilizing dense synth, dark lyricism and traditional acoustic instruments to ground her music.

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