Something Better: “Everlasting” by Maya Salafia?

Have you experienced “Everlasting” by Maya Salafia?

Before listening, you will call it a song.

However, after streaming it, you will call “Everlasting” an unforgettable experience.


Maya Salafia goes out of her way to create sensational music that you can feel, whereas most artists make songs that only sound good.

Maya Salafia is a vocally stunning singer-songwriter in the indie-pop music genre,

Even though significant details about her origin in music may have been scarce, thorough information found in “Performers on the Go” reveal the songwriter’s glorious beginning, as well as the singer’s gorgeous rise in music.

Beyond that, the charming singer-songwriter, who lives in Boston, Massachusetts, has an impressive list of songs.

From a young age, Maya Salafia spent years developing her exceptional talent.

And it shows in her glamorous new single that premiered on June 10, 2022.

Three minutes and fifty-five seconds in length, “Everlasting” is beautifully written and performed.

In less than four minutes, the track takes listeners on a thrilling journey.

This is due to its distinctive music, lyrics, and voice.

Maya Salafia’s collaboration with the production team, which  included Brad Young of BKY Studios, vocal producer and lead engineer, and Owen Korzec, producer and sole instrumental musician on the song, was a success.

When “Everlasting” Starts

After the first seven seconds of the song, Maya Salafia enters.

However, there are no drums present.

It’s possible that the artist and producer wanted specific instruments or sounds to breathe before adding drums to the production.

However, only the producer and artist will know the true explanation for this.

After 27 seconds of Maya Salafia singing, the drums enter the song.

The Boston-based musician’s voice alters slightly at this point in the single.

The vocals then abruptly disappear.

But she reappears three to four seconds later.

However, another shift occurs.

The drum pattern reflects the move to a more upbeat tone in the music composition.

Maya Salafia does a superb job at adapting to the track’s varied musical shifts, despite the tune’s numerous twists and turns.

She also ensures that every phrase is delivered in an interesting manner to maintain audience engagement.

That said, Maya Salafia’s vocal performance does not merely attract people early on; it also compels them to stay until the end.

“I want people to hear, feel and experience the real, authentic me, and I hope that comes through in my music. I love to use imagery to tell a story in my songs, and to share my true self and a piece of my heart and mind with my audience. Also, even though I am only sixteen, which some might consider young, I strive to be taken seriously as a prolific songwriter and performer”.

Maya Salafia

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