I Panic – “Lost Song”

Capturing a feeling of nostalgia and longing, of deep introspection into our own thoughts, I Panic’s latest release “Lost Song” evokes an atmosphere of losing ourselves in thoughts. A relatable track that invites us to look out through our window, and observe what we can see in the distance.

I Panic is a project headlined by Dutch singer and multi-instrumentalist Marcel van Tetering. With a deep history that delves back all the way to 1987, I Panic started as a side project in which van Tetering has explored through various sounds until finding theatrical rock as a way to express himself, searching for a lifelong song to express a particular feeling. In 2021, he decided to release his first original songs to make I Panic into a real band. “Lost Song” is his latest release. Entirely, self-produced, we can clearly hear on it van Tetering’s influences which include Tom Waits, The Beatles, and particularly, David Bowie.

“Lost Song” expertly blends together deep introspection with an atmospheric impulse that drives us deep within our thoughts. I Panic shows a musical image of what it is to think, to observe, in an almost meditative manner. It is full of personal observations that nonetheless become relatable to every listener alike. While the lyrics make metaphorical remarks on beauty and almost magical scenery, this feeling is also captured in the music: the chords, and the instrumentations, present a lush and rich soundscape of the mind. In this way, van Tetering achieves something incredibly complex. He presents a day-to-day reality that suddenly becomes a miracle and invites us as listeners to find these little miracles in everything that surrounds us.

“Lost Song” by I Panic shows how life can become magical if we look hard enough, and how music can help us achieve this state. If you want to lose yourself in your own mind, even for a little moment, “Lost Song” is a track you cannot miss out!

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