A Different Kind Of Christmas 2022

Yes, is that time of the year dear friends, when I bring some brand new tunes (and others not so new but fitting perfectly) for you to enjoy and enjoy this playlist, or why not add them to your favorite personal holiday Playlist? Before you said anything I asked first if was about time to publish this article and I received a resounding YES!!!

Thank you for being here, I wish you the very best for this upcoming year, but first, have a wonderful end to this one. And may 2023 be a better year not only for you and me but for the world!!!

The first track that you can find right now on these playlists (Spotify and Youtube) belongs to Sumthing Strange and their track “It’s Christmas Time Again” in their own words: “We wanted to write and create something totally different for Christmas. This is our rendition of a Christmas song. This song was written as an alternative Christmas song with the hopes that one day it might become a classic.

Through sound and spirit we will live life without fear and help create a world where everyone has hope. This electric feeling of elation we have all known is the spirit within us all. Search your soul and journey with us on our intergalactic ride through this existence.”

Brand-new single by Brianne Matthews “Christmas This Year”, in her own words: “This release is all about the joyful time spent with family and friends during the Christmas season.”

The song is composed and produced by Saeed Habibzadeh (59) and sung by Malizia (18), Susann (34), and Maxima (16), all four, forming the band Avalight with an unprecedented, new concept. The band pushes the boundaries of genres with its music ranging from pop to all kinds of styles like rock, country, or jazz. And Follow The Christmas Light is their debut single:

Katye Kelly & The Interruption with the track “It Simply Isn’t Christmas…“, in her own words: “I should probably go full disclosure here. I don’t even celebrate Christmas, but I love how much all my friends who do celebrate it seem to. It also seems crazy stressful, and so much goes into making one day PERFECT that I also find it a little daunting. I just wanted to make it a little more…fun. And that, to me, usually means something Pop/Punk-ish, because that’s what makes everyone get up and dance at our shows.”

And also she shared a message for you: “new listeners should know that I’ve been writing songs for over 40 years – since I was a kid – and because I have so many influences, our music isn’t easily pigeonholed into a specific genre. We have everything from Celtic Rock to Prog to SKA punk to Blues.”

Does anyone still use the term “rock n’ roll” anymore? Rich Chambers certainly does. In fact, he specializes in it, bringing us all the fun, excitement, and energy from the glory days of rock n’ roll in a uniquely fresh way built specifically for the 2020s. He is starting to gain radio airplay around the globe, and with over 40,000 Facebook followers, his fan base is growing rapidly, and it all started in December 2019 with the release of his Christmas original “It’s Christmas Time All Over the World.”

In the Bleak’ by Marsh Family is a folk-rock adaptation of the classic Christmas carol, that rails at the onslaught of recent hardships around the world, but that insists on the need to ‘take heart’ and share in hope and resilience. The voices of each member of this distinctive family group shine through in turn, in a soundscape carrying the festive spirit of Dickens and driving towards an uplifting coda that ends with a heartbeat. The song offers a full-frontal musical face to the global cost-of-living crisis, recognizing that this Christmas season will jar with typical festive tropes of escapism and over-indulgence. By using familiar reference points from the original carol (“In the Bleak Midwinter”) and an immersive blend of cascading harmonies and instruments (such as cornets and bells), it carries a strident message about facing up to tough times and supporting one another. It also showcases the sonic depth of this quirky family famous for its viral music videos and parodies.

The track is a modern alternative rock take on the time-honoured ‘misery Christmas’ songwriting tradition. Songwriter, singer, and guitarist Andy Walker, said: “Mariah Carey earns half a million dollars a year from that one Christmas single she released in 1994. We could really use that kind of money, so we made a song combining all the essential festive elements – sleighbells, chimes, a saxophone solo and everything. We’re pretty confident this is our ticket out of the rat race, and by next Christmas we’ll be sipping frozen pina coladas on a yacht in the Caribbean.” This is Roll On May (Misery Christmas) by Attendant

Much like Nicki Wells’ recently released single ‘Carry On’, the British songwriter takes to the piano on which she first learned to play as a child to add a rich and inviting timbre to this steadily paced acoustic number. As the title, ‘A Little Christmas of My Own’, suggests this song is about how festive times aren’t a celebration full of family and friends for all, as Wells explains below.

“It’s a bittersweet song about Christmas because, for some, it can be a lonely time, not everyone has a family to go to. But by the end, there is a sweet acceptance of a quiet and calm Christmas.”

The Mars McClanes in their own words: “Maybe this is the eggnog talking, but we’re excited about our first-ever holiday track. There’s something about the raging optimism tucked behind the disappointment in Augie Rios’ 1958 hit “Dónde Está Santa Claus.” Hey! Let’s try it with some fuzzy telecasters!”

The next track by our dear friend S J Denney is also a first-time-ever Christmas track for him, in his own words: “I’ve always wanted to release a Christmas song. When I finally got around to it, I knew the balance (between cliches and originality) had to be just right. I also knew I wanted the track to be piano-based, but I rarely write on the piano. In July 2022, this song fell out of the sky (as they all do).”

Last but not least we have the new track by Jesabel, In her own words: “Christmas Mood is a word play tune about partaking in all the stereotypical holiday festivities (& of course quirky mishaps), while simultaneously finding the sexy allure of Christmas that puts you in “the mood. Lyrically, a millennial’s version of “Santa Baby.” Instrumentally, as if it was plucked from a holiday scene in a James Bond 007 film.”

I hope you enjoy the selection and have a wonderful end of the year, and may 2023 be a better year for the world!!!

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