Unknown But Essentials (Dec 2022)

December 30, 2023

Hey, Happy New Year dear friends, all the best to you and your loved ones. This is the final article for this year, finally.

Not the month with the most additions but I think 263 tracks is pretty dope, as always I want to highlight the TOP 10 tracks that I enjoy the most during this month and I want to be sure that you can listen to them, remember that you can find more gems if you dig the whole playlist.

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1.- Did you ever need a reality check to turn your life around? In his new release, Koné tells the story of a boy who is not happy with life as it is and is looking for a deeper meaning.

2.- One of Camden’s finest punk rock acts, Barking Poets return with a post covid Anthem to heal the soul. The brand new single see’s the band in outstanding form, with a confident uplifting bounce and hooks aplenty. Already a favourite in Barking Poets live set.

3.- South-East Queensland’s alt-rock geeks, Muules return with a heaving slab of post-grunge angst in their latest single, ‘Against Your Own Kind’ Carving an intense soundscape utilizing effects-heavy bass, big drums, and Nathan Vasey’s powerful vocal delivery, ‘Against Your Own Kind’ takes the approach of a Neurodivergent’s introspective look at self-worth in a relationship, and those they chose to surround themselves with.

4.-The Bigger Picture Channelling some real inner punk rock vibes, Mary Jane explores a more simple and energetic sound driving the listener’s attention through captivating melodies and explosive dynamics. Through the lyrics, it express the struggle to live up to expectations and the acceptance of one’s limits. It’s both a sigh of relief and desire to do better.

5.- Sad Girls Aquatics Club an indie-pop duo from Pittsburgh PA an indie-pop duo from Pittsburgh PA, in their own words: “This is our first single off of our album “Easier” (LP to be released February 24, 2023). Recorded at a cabin in the woods during a snowstorm in the lonely winter of 2020, this song emulates the heartache and disconnect of making art in this age of consumerism and empty relationships.”

6.- Ar-Jane is the alias of Arjanne Beukers (22), an ambitious singer-songwriter from a small town in the south of The Netherlands.
Known for her sensitive, dreamy voice and honest lyrics, she creates indie music with a melancholic sound. “Shadow” is about my first-ever heartbreak. I was filled with anger, sadness, and disbelief, but the feelings didn’t disappear. Writing it felt liberating, like therapy’’. ‘Shadow’ is more than just a dramatic heartbreak song. It got turned into a very mysterious and powerful track, without losing its pure intention.

7.- The Duke of RandwickI’d Never…’ is the dark side of your self as it forces it’s way out. It is the sound of an internal struggle between good and evil, where the devil speaks louder. A pounding baseline and thrashing drums drive the song forward, as guttural vocals declare a renunciation of faith. Rage reverberates throughout ‘I’d Never…, even as it fades out. It is the sound of embracing your jungian shadow and succumbing to all that has been hidden or repressed.

8.- In their own words: “Starting as bedroom recording project by Nick during a furlough period in 2020, NTGB have been growing since then into a full band – whose members have all been long associated with the North East UK local music scene in various bands (Uncle Monty, Ghost Signals, Monochrome etc). Aiming to have a full album recorded by the end of this year, we have come to realize that this was not achievable. Striving for perfection comes at a cost, and going back to old mixes etc whilst scrapping songs and replacing with others is taking its time. We hope to have the album ready by early 2023. In the meantime, here we are with our new single – TILL I’M GONE

9.- KöTTBULLAR in their own words: “EMILY song is an extraordinary example of storytelling about a crazy friend (the kind we all have) who can occasionally change your life. This track will inspire you to do something spontaneous, unexpected, and impressive. Don’t we all love surprises? Full of energy and positive vibes, EMILY is an excellent choice for jogging or any other sport activity, dancing, or even house cleaning.”

10.- CHICKEN MAN & THE BAD EGGS, indie/punk rock 4 piece are back again.  A song “Where debauchery festers and adulterers lie”, SLEAZEBALL tells front man Moz’s story of a friend turned enemy. In his words, “if the shoe fits, it can be about you too”.

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