Unknown But Essentials (Jan 2023)

January 31, 2023

Hi, I’m super excited to have you back, if is your first time, welcome! This is Unknown But Essentials monthly article, with the whole playlist (new record 338 total tracks WOW!). In this article, I mention only 10, of the tracks that I enjoy the most in this playlist and that I don’t have any of these bands on the blog (not as a review or a mention in the 9 Albums/EPs articles), but that I don’t want you to miss them.

I’m running a daily show presenting these artists (between 10 and 20 tracks each episode), so if you want to join me you can do it live or as a podcast, I’m adding the link in the posts on social media for each one of the episodes, and once you’re on my Stationhead profile you can listen any of the previous shows. You can find below today’s show.

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1.- “Lost In Paradaise” An intense fusion of Italian, melodic audacity and a British taste for outrageous and elegant power, alternative rock outfit Mäle is the vision of Alessandro Medri, Italian songwriter, singer, and guitarist, and Mike Krompass, British/Canadian multi-platinum producer and multi-instrumentalist.

2.- Ramona Marx nurtures havoc filled by raw pent-up aggression. Violent riffs and feral drumming match up with an indignant dissection of society and those who govern it. Hailing from Hemel Hempstead this Punk four-piece is leaving a lasting dent on the underground scene and has been since 2019. Listen now “Fight Night” Punk ain’t death!!!

3.- The Kid and I return with an alternative rock headbanger ‘Heart Strings’. Detailing a failing relationship, the song addresses obsession, heartbreak, and self-worth, this is The Kid and I at their heaviest and most raw yet. Love it!!!

4.- ndgeFunk You” Right from the start this short but perfectly formed song is bold and brassy. From the hooky piano to the deep funk bassline this musically adept and original track has all the ingredients it needs. As large as life itself it takes you on an emotional journey from hurt, thru anger, to celebration. At only 1:57 long this ‘I Will Survive’ vibed anthem for the 2020’s is brimming with ideas and intent. Dancing along at 149bpm this cheeky song may actually have something important to say – Who the Funk knows right?

5.- The Ringards are an avant-garde, post-punk outfit based in East London. This song marks the third release under independent label Isolar Records. The single entitled Touch Me questions the exposure the performer gives to the audience when performing.

6.- Bridges Ablaze in their own words: Hellbent is a song about overcoming adversity. This song reflects the struggles we’ve had to overcome while in pursuit of this lifelong dream. Specifically, this song reflects on the people that have used, misled, and betrayed us. The lyrics reflect on the grit required to continue forward in the wake of such painful experiences. Struggle is going to strike harder than anything else in life, especially when you are pursuing your life’s purpose. People will mistreat you left and right, and you will bear scars for staying true to your mission. But the greatest stories are written when those who are knocked down get back up, and carry on despite wanting to give up more than anything. Dreams are made into realities when those who dare to dream don’t let anything stop them. Hellbent is a manifesto that contains this wild and determined energy.

7.- Rosa Caelum “The Lovers Were The Last Ones To Leave” is all about finding someone who you would want to have your first and last dance with. While showing how the group has grown musically in terms of ability, the song is also inspired by personal growth. This song is an alternative rock anthem full of searing emotion and drive that captures the thrill of seeing this band live.

8.- Viviana Arenas, known musically and professionally as vnxa, is a singer/songwriter from the small home-town of New York City, she’s influenced by raw emotional states, catchy hooks, and a grittiness that makes the music feel tangible. r.i.p. is a collaboration with fellow New York native music producer, Gut Nose, recorded in vnxa’s make-shift home studio made up
of cardboard, pvc pipes, and soundproofing blankets in Brooklyn, New York

“Déjame descansar en paz,” or the Spanish chant for “Let me rest in peace” eerily rings throughout the chorus. The ancestors have been woken up, and they’re pissed. Even after death, their legacy remains a target for exploitation, the ground in which they are buried a site for greed and destruction, and justice has seldom been served. However, the ancestors will have the last laugh on judgment day. Until then, let them rest in peace.

9.- The Swedish band Royal Punch Club  and their new banger “Dead Again” is a really nice rock song that grabs you with driving guitars and vocal hooks that stick right away. A song that leaves a lasting impression.

10.- SOHLERMore Blood Than Sweat Or Tears” in their own words: “This effort is typical of our Alternative Rock style, focused on heavily distorted guitars and hard hitting lyrics.”

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