Ollie Twohill captivating new track “Washed Away”

“Washed Away” is a poignant and emotionally charged song by Australian musician Ollie Twohill that captures the devastating impact of natural disasters. With the powerful combination of acoustic and distorted electric guitars, the song is a captivating rock ballad that showcases Ollie’s musical prowess and heartfelt vocals. The song features the rhythmic and groovy drumming of Blair Hamilton and the bass-playing talents of Lawson Hamilton, who add depth and texture to the music.




The lyrics of the song are deeply personal, drawing inspiration from the floods that hit Murwillumbah, Ollie’s hometown, and left him and his community devastated. The song speaks of the immense loss and destruction caused by the floods but also highlights the hope and resilience of the human spirit to rise up and overcome adversity. While the tone of the lyrics reflects the pain, the mood of the music gives a sense of overcoming the struggle of the deluge.

As a musician, Ollie Twohill is heavily influenced by legendary rock bands like Foo Fighters, Green Day, and Blink 182, which is evident in the high-energy, guitar-driven sound of “Washed Away.” However, he also incorporates his unique style and personal experiences into his music, creating a distinctive sound that resonates with his audience.

Overall, “Washed Away” is a powerful and moving song that showcases Ollie Twohill’s musical talents and storytelling abilities. It is a testament to the human spirit and the power of music to heal and bring people together in times of hardship.

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