Marta Per, Wynton Existing, Jane Leo, and more great stuff for you to enjoy.

Hi, everyone, I hope you’re doing great and enjoying the weekend this is your 9 Albums/EPs You Should Listen To Week 08, Marta Per is my album of the week with her EP Fragments and Fingerprints, and is an absolute joy to listen to, so you need to check it out ASAP.

Marta Per

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Now into the album of this week.



1.- Marta Per is a young female artist from Portugal who recently moved to London. She has a background as a Classical pianist and is also a multi-instrumentalist in rock, pop, and jazz. An amazing musician who also happens to have an amazing voice. Well, that kind of talent appears only once in a while, and Marta Per definitely has it. You can read our review here for Fragments & Fingerprints.

2.- In Wynton’s own words Wynton Existing. “Sexual Death is the heaviest album I have been a part of in reflection to the heaviest period of my life thus far. The album lives in darkness but there is certainly a few glimpses of the sun. I highly recommend a straight through listen.”

3.- Jane Leo self-titled debut album consists of 8 tracks the first four already released and over 250 K streams combined only on Spotify, “Our Love” over 3 K only after one day, you’re getting an idea, right? The duo Jane Ellen Bryant and Daniel Leopold have made this in less than 2 years…the sky is the limit.

4.- Fleur Geurl in her own words: “The songs are just a collection of my life and the things that have been going on during the last 3 years of it. There was a lot of change and anxiety during this time. I had moved out and away from home, I fell in love, I made and left friends when I decided to move to NY. The album name itself is supposed to be a reflection of this period. I only know because my close friend Ezra knows a lot about astrology and they suggested ‘Jupiter Return‘ because it was what was going on with the planets while I was writing this album.”

5.- Errors is the name of Bruno Muerte‘s brand-new album with a 10-inch record by All Will Be Well Records and an extended version on Bandcamp only. So, only 6 tracks on Spotify and 9 on Bandcamp and one over the 11 minute mark (“Lost Droid (Director’s Cut)).

6.-“The Lost Horse” by STEIN is a spaghetti western surf album, a tribute to the classic western movie soundtracks from the sixties. Stein is a solo artist and guitar player in Telegraph progressive rock band.

7.- Pineapple Ridge EP, this body of work showcases Reva K’s consistent focus on songwriting across a variety of indie-pop styles and hints at productions ranging from Haim and Phoebe Bridgers to Lorde and Kacey Musgraves.

8.- With his two previous albums already reaching over 3000 monthly listeners since New Year, Health Potion presents a new album “Frogs In The Pond” in his monthly release schedule. While containing at least three tracks that could easily make to any major Lo-Fi study beat playlist, Health Potion menages to create new and fresh beats and melodies using nature sounds and intriguing samples to heal our souls once more.

9.- Each Dot and Each Line by Shredded Sun a three-piece band from Chicago, Illinois, has 12 songs that span a range of indie rock styles, from the laid-back strut of “Hold Tight,” to the glam stomp of “For a Good Time,” to fuzzed-out garage rockers like “Golden Void” and “Time Anxiety.”

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Here is a guide (Playlist) with one track from each of the albums presented in this round-up:

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