Unknown But Essentials! (Feb 2023)

Hi, what’s up, my friends? I hope everything is going right on your end, last day of the month, so, here you have this TOP 10 for this playlists Unknown But Essentials! February. This time reach a new record (new record 364 total tracks WOW!). As you probably already know in this article, I mention only 10, of the tracks that I enjoy the most in this playlist and as usual no one of these bands is on the blog (not as a review or a mention in the 9 Albums/EPs articles), but that I don’t want you to miss them.

Remember that I’m running a daily show Mondary-Thursday presenting these artists (between 10 and 20 tracks each episode), so if you want to join me you can do it live or as a podcast, I’m adding the link in the posts on social media for each one of the episodes, and once you’re on my Stationhead profile you can listen any of the previous shows. You can find below today’s show.

1.- The vision behind Another Gay Thursday as a band is to take the Pop-Punk genre—ordinarily very hetero, cisgender male, and slightly problematic in its treatments of women—and to invert it. Pop Punk is about rebellion and defying norms – in this way, Another Gay Thursday is the epitome of Pop Punk. Inverting the norms of the genre once again by adding queer artists and themes to the music. This is the methodology behind the songwriting.

The song is about first lust. It’s about sex, kinks, embracing your sexuality, defying gender expectations, and that strange feeling of when the feelings start to creep in. With its at times ridiculous lyrics (“fuck you under stairwells”), it parodies lyrics from other iconic bands of the genre (All Time Low, Lustra, Blink 182, etc.). The song is lyrically both authentic and humorous. It’s musically a bit of a banger.

2.- 2Libras is breaking what is norm in the dark electro scene. They combine the genres of industrial, goth, darkwave, dark electro, synth pop, and rock into what they like to call Cyberpunk.

Thematically, 2Libras focuses on lyrics that reflect the influence of technology, big data, and social media in our global society and how that affects interpersonal relationships while diminishing our collective outlook. 2Libras is a postmodern throwback to the raw alternative rock that dominated the airwaves a couple of decades ago, which in the turbulent 2020s, is ready to resurface in the collective consciousness. Don’t believe it? Double-check your algorithms.

3.-Channeling the legends of classic rock with powerhouse vocals, impeccable leather style, and an elusive sense of danger that takes you by surprise, Miss Velvet has taken the rock n roll world by storm. In her own words “What’s better than some rippin’ rock n roll and hot sex in the afternoon? that’s how the song was born.”

4.- Bitter Machine doesn’t want to meet you. They don’t care if you ever know who they are, only that you help look for the escape key in an age where personal brands, follow requests, and individual content creation is de rigueur. The Oklahoma City alternative rockers mince no words when approaching topics like modern alienation, the addictive properties of social media, or any one of a thousand dystopian stories pulled from the 24-hour news cycle of today. They craft music from broken and bit-smashed samples, dirty tape-warped keys, and power chords not to tear everything down but to pull away the mask covering the monster.

5.- Kiing Lair is the solo project of singer/songwriter Homeplace, IN native, Larissa White. Kiing Lair blends dreamy, intricate vocals with simple instrumentals and a lyrical playfulness that often pokes fun at her shortcomings. Her first single “Nancy Was Wrong,” was released on February 1st, 2023, and uses a driving disco beat and pointed lyrics to express that the grass is only greener for so long.

6.- Palmar Arch is the Alternative Rock music project of song-writer and multi-instrumentalist, Robert James, previously operating under the name Superbloom. In his own words: ” Sunscript is a raw, high-energy rock song, which I feel is perfect to build on the momentum and success of the past few years.”

7.- Drastic//Automatic are back with their fourth single ‘The Finish Line’. At first glance, the track may appear to be a continuation on the themes of cultural frustration exerted in the preceding release ‘The Cup Final’ but in reality the latest addition to their catalogue is centred around the feeling of time passing uncontrollably.

8.- Aubrey in their own words: “Our Debut Single ‘Bad News’ released on all major distribution services on 14/02/23. Some might say this is an anti-valentines day song. We would like the listener to take what they want from it. We do hope you love it though.

9.- Lover in their own words: “This song brings new taste to pop-punk/alt-rock/indie-rock music. We combined soft and airy pop-punk, heavy metal outro and one special part that radiates indie. Also we mixed two languages in this track.”

10.- Formed in 2019, Paradise Circus have quickly established themselves as one of the leading sounds of the lively Birmingham music scene. Consisting of David Purchase (vocals), Callum Cartwright (guitar), Sam Allen (bass), Nathan Shingler (drums) and Peter Donnelly (keys), the electrifying 5 piece blend a tidal wave of energy with unparalleled intricacy to create a refreshing glimpse to the future of Indie Rock. 

The iconic single ‘Sanguinem’ (Sang-ween-em) is a catalyst for the new era of Paradise Circus, the intro sets the thundering pace of the track with an unstoppable guitar riff alongside the iconic style of drums unanimous with their sound. 

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Unknown But Essentials! February 2023

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