Desert Ships Fuzzy Trippy Video for new single “Heavy Soup”

The official music video for Desert Ships‘ single “Heavy Soup” is a psychedelic trip through the world of indie garage rock. Using a combination of retro-style visual video effects and editing which go along with the fuzzy guitars, the video captures the essence of early 2000s garage rock revival, similar to the likes of The Strokes and Arctic Monkeys.


Director Gil De Ray brings his wizardry to the accompanying video and delivers the ultimate visual experience.

From the moment the video starts, the viewer is taken on a journey through a psychedelic realm of vivid colors and dreamy imagery superimposed on the band playing the song.

‘Heavy Soup’ is an infectious and uptempo fuzz blast through the cosmos and tells the story of a star gazer who despite copious warnings often finds themselves in sticky situations. A desire to escape the day to day grind, combined with the lure of temptation – the doing something we know we shouldn’t – leads our character to being “…stuck in heavy soup again”. It’s about learning from mistakes, or maybe not in this case

Desert Ships

Desert Ships Heavy Soup

The video perfectly complements the track’s upbeat indie rock sound, with its dreamy and fuzzed-out guitars finding a great visual representation in the video’s processed editing. The video also employs a range of retro-style effects and trippy visuals, creating an immersive experience that perfectly captures the band’s alternative rock sound. The official music video for Desert Ships’ single “Heavy Soup” is a truly magnificent high-inducing video that captures the essence of indie garage rock. With its vibrant visuals and trippy effects, the song is sure to be a hit with fans of alternative rock and dream rock alike.

Desert Ships Heavy Soup
It was produced by vocalist/guitarist Mikey Buckley and recorded & mixed at his home studio. Desert Ships – completed by Daniel McLean (bass/synth) and Claude Trejonis (drums/vocals) – demonstrate once again the quality of their craft and an astute ear for an entrancing arrangement. These lifelong friends blend garage rock, dream pop and neo-psychedelia to create their own sci-fi blues.


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