Hi, this is your round-up for #LT1KF, Unknown But Essentials! or UBS, and this time I have for you these five acts that you should check out right away!

TEDWORTH “Going Under” Released March 16th

“This song “Going Under” is really about feeling lost in life. Basically I’ve been making music by myself and it’s gotten really “boring” doing everything by myself all the time. And I couldn’t find anyone to really collaborate with on music because I live in a smaller town. So I still struggle with making music really because the process is not how I would want it to be yet. Personally, if I could collaborate with 2-4 people that would be my ultimate dream for making music.

So this song is really just about me not being where I wanna be with music yet and the struggles I felt because I have this passion that I can’t really pursue the way I would want to by myself. And that was very frustrating for me. It’s like winning the lottery but having it taken all away from you lol. Ironically this song was a collaboration with another producer in my area but not as collaborative as I would want something to be in the future. But it’s a start.

I honestly couldn’t tell you what anyone should expect from my music because I gotta a lot of different music when it comes to genres. The only thing I could say what they could expect is real emotions and good tunes haha. I don’t make anything unless I really like it. And I got high standards 😉

THE MAX HEADROOM “Alright” Released March 17th

This is the first release for this Adelaide five-piece band, and it’s such a joy, earworm alert, energetic, and fun, you’ll be singing the chorus long after the song finishes.

“Alright is a song that represents that feeling of saying f*ck it, let’s just have some fun. It is about letting go and just releasing the anxiety that builds up in day to day life. Sometimes that feeling is hard to voice but you feel it build up and build up, until you just need that release either through a night out partying, dancing, singing or even just relaxing. Alright is a song that describes releasing anxiety through having a good time.”

Ben Martin, lead singer
The music video for this track is amazing. Teaming up with dead-end visuals, this is their most polished work and release to date. Filmed throughout Adelaide the video follows lead singer, Ben Martin, as he is constantly evaded by the band.

HELLO AMNESIA “Meet Your Maker” Released March 17th

Now this Londoners presents this banger, the track is all about accepting reality and they have a fantastic sound, I’ve been following the band for the last couple of years and this is definitely their best track yet, and I can’t wait to listen to to the other two tracks they have worked alongside this one.


“Meet Your Maker is part of the 1st trio of songs the band all wrote together: Doubt, UTYLGO, and Meet Your Maker. Their collaborative writing practice has developed over the last year and as a result, their sonic identity is becoming more defined, mature, and showcasing a definitive progression from their first EP launch: Retrograde!”

STEREO GLOW “Captivation” Released February 10th

I have the opportunity to chat with Jessica on my show on stationhead last Tuesday, March 14th (in case you want to check out our conversation), have a blast, the track is really amazing and I can’t wait to listen to the whole album.

Captivation”, our latest single, is about remembering a true part of yourself that you forgot about. Almost like you woke up from a dream while already awake. Specifically, it refers to the joy we experienced when the two of us started writing music together. Our rewarding musical partnership reminds us just how much writing and performing music plays a huge role in our lives. It is a need and desire that never truly goes away, even when “real life” presents its challenges. Over time, we have developed our own natural creative flow. We complete each other’s “musical thoughts” in such a symbiotic way – it is truly a magical thing!

Mark & Jessica from Stereo Glow
For everyone hearing our music for the first time, we say welcome! We are glad you are here! We hope our music can inspire you to follow your passions and help you to put your own “dreams in motion”!

Mute “Cambio de Estrategia” Released March 16th

I have on stationhead a conversation with Carlos the bass player for the band in case you want to catch up with the things that he shares on the show, like the album that is coming really soon, and more stuff like the origin of the band’s name.

“In the end, this song is an invitation to live your life the best way you know how, even if it’s just out of curiosity, because there are also many examples of interesting and inspiring things and anyway the ending you already know, right?”.

Regarding our music, we are inspired by the end of 20th-century underground and alternative music with a fresh Mediterranean touch

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