Hey, this is your round-up for #LT1KF, Unknown But Essentials! or UBS, and this time I have for you these five acts that you should check out right away!

Jacques Bailhé “A Mother’s Tears” Released March 20th, 2023

This masterpiece over 12 minutes mark is the protest of the artist against gun violence, and its a call to action to stop the killing of innocent children, here you have a brief fragmented of the scenario of this work:

In a city park,

at the end of her workday,

a mother walks

toward her son

in a playground.

He waves.

She sees a man pull a gun.

He fires. Vanishes.

The crowd slowly clears

as mother looks for her son.

He lies dying.

All of us must do whatever we can to stop our insane gun violence. A Mother’s Tears intends to do just that.

Jacques Bailhé

Static Null “Void”. Released March 24th, 2023

This song was created after I made an EP that just did not feel right. I did not release it, and it felt both good and bad. I made a good decision to not release it, cause it wasnt good enough. But there was this kind of void left behind. I was working on it for sometime, and it got to me. But this void left behind is what inspired the song Void. Its kind of sad but also has hope for the future. I wanted the sound to feel cold yet emotional if that makes sense. It was how I felt about this failed EP. My songs are not about technicality or arrangement. Its only about conveying a feeling in the moment.

Max Anderberg aka Static Null

Elad David “Old and wise”. Released on February 17th, 2023

This new release has two tracks. The first is the full longer produced version, and the second is a naked version, shorter and with only the ukulele.

“Following the release of my full ukulele album, I remembered another ukulele arrangement I started but didn’t finish, so I decided to finish it and release it just before my birthday. I found this one to be very emotional. Respect your parents and elders. “

Elad David

Rogue FX “American Dream”. Released March 17th, 2023

“American Dream is a retro-wave synth-pop track by Rogue Fx that unfolds the story of a couples different perspectives of the American Dream, leaving an open-ended conclusion for the listener to have their own view on if the relationship ultimately survives the couple’s path to their American Dream. Rogue Fx produces synth-pop with big 80s influences and love for the music and pop culture of that era.”

Andrew Wood aka Rouge Fx


“American Dream” also follows movie-like storytelling and epic synth-scapes and will be followed by more collaborations, and a sci-fi-based concept EP is planned for the first half of 2023, so stay tuned.

Demi McMahon “Flames” Released May 19th, 2022

This track is part of her album Rainbox Remedy, and it is about the world in the state of affairs it is in at the moment and how the flames are the build-up of anger within people in reaction to the economic circumstances.

I am an overly passionate colourful bubbly artist who loves what I do. I love to sing and release music that can connect to many and people can take something from a piece of my creation. I also love to care for people and that shines through within my music too!.

Demi McMahon

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