Hey, this is your round-up for #LT1KF, Unknown But Essentials! or UBS, and this time I have for you these five acts that you should check out right away!

OLIVER PINDER “late July”. Released March 31st, 2023

This track follows his acclaimed releases ‘Stressed’ and ‘beautiful second’. With catchy vocal lines, electric guitar-driven, and production that comes infused with personality, ‘late July’ offers the perfect soundtrack for a summer road trip.

“I’m so chuffed this track is finally out, I wrote it about falling in-love and the fear that comes with it. The fear of making the first move, saying I love you, fear of messing it up. It’s a dead scary time to live in. This song is so fun to play live, it feels really playful both in atmosphere and lyrically.”

Oliver Pinder


MAY PAYNE “Take It Too”. Released April 07th, 2023

With 150k+ streams and a devoted online fanbase of 40k+ followers, 21 yearold Manchester-based singer-songwriter May Payne bares her heart in her next single.

“Take It Too started as an act of self-therapy, not for public consumption. In writing the song I realised that the situation-ship I was in was toxic, the song ended up as a desperate plea, begging someone to stay with me and promising to ignore all they do to hurt me.”

May Payne

mad/no/mad “It’s All Over Now”. Released April 07th

mad/no/mad is the brainchild of Mad Dog, who has played with bands including the Good Humor Band, Jet Trash, and Wake Up Jacob; produced albums by Single Bullet Theory and Suzy Saxon and the Anglos; and owned an independent record label, Brat

IT’S ALL OVER NOW is a dark, bluesy, Mophine-tinged fresh take on the classic song by Bobby and Shirley Womack made famous by the Rolling Stones. That’s Morphine as in the band, not the pharmaceutical.

TUELO “AMFM”. Released March 24th

Tuelo is a folk-rock singer and songwriter who is art-driven, political, and spiritual. Hailing from South Africa and based between New York City and Dublin.

Tuelo is on a mission to reclaim the roots of folk and rock music through protest, truth-telling, and vulnerability to revive people’s spirits. Her most recent release, a radio remix EP titled AM/FM, was produced in Ireland at the end of 2022 and brings a new perspective to 3 tracks from her debut studio album The Life of Margaret Cornelius. The lead single ‘Happier’ was a collaboration production remix with Critically acclaimed Irish producer Chris Kabs.

DESARAE DEE “Chilling Timing”. Released March 30th.

Desarae Dee is a Canadian Instrumental Fusion Artist, Multi-Instrumentalist, and Producer who has made significant waves in the Canadian music industry with her unique and unconventional playing style since 2014.

“Chilly Timing is an ode to experiencing the “chilliness” of the ice cold with its unique syncopated rhythms, hybrid time signatures switches, and ice-wind sounds. Chilly Timing is the perfect instrumental canvas for those who enjoy a good “cool down.””

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