LearningToDive’s “Drums of War” Is A Powerful and Haunting Alternative Rock Anti-War Anthem

LearningToDive, the alias of producer and multi-instrumentalist Bravo Bonez, is going to release a thought-provoking new single titled “Drums of War” on April 28th, 2023, as part of his upcoming EP. Departing from his usual upbeat and retro style, LearningToDive delves into darker and more complex themes with this release.


“Drums of War” is a poignant reflection on Bravo’s attack on war and the manipulation of populations for the benefit of a few powerful individuals. Inspired by the Russia-Ukraine War and the atrocities of war in general, Bravo’s emotional reaction is palpable in every note of the song.

The song’s eerie and moody ambiance, driven by haunting drums and deep, expressive vocals, sets the tone for the track. The grand arrangement, featuring additional vocals by Alba Rose and drums by Greg Haver, builds up to a climactic emotional peak with its fusion of trip-hop, alternative rock, and modern elements.

Clint Murphy’s expert engineering and mixing, along with Ryan Smith’s mastering, have resulted in a pristine sound that enhances the impact of the song. Bravo’s songwriting and composition skills are on full display, showcasing his ability to convey powerful and relevant messages through his music. This is modern rock song that tells of the pain and violence of war and impending doom and coming to terms with the horrors of armed conflict.

“Drums of War” is a standout track that captivates listeners with its thought-provoking lyrics, haunting melodies, and immersive soundscapes. LearningToDive’s unique perspective and artistic vision shine through in this modern alternative rock anthem. A must-listen for those who appreciate music that challenges societal norms and stimulates introspection.


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