“Trust in Me” by LearningToDive: A Dark yet Optimistic Industrial Trip Hop Rock Journey into Mental Abuse

LearningToDive, the musical persona of Bravo Bonez, a talented producer and multi-instrumentalist, offers an enthralling and contemplative experience through their latest single, “Trust in Me.” Recognized for its vibrant and retro-inspired sound, this release diverges from its usual style, venturing into deeper and more intricate themes.



“Trust in Me” delves into the haunting reality of gaslighting, a psychological manipulation tactic that systematically undermines victims’ own truths. Bonez’s lyrics and composition brilliantly capture the sense of isolation and anguish that accompanies such emotional abuse. The song stands as a powerful message of solidarity and validation for those who have endured this type of mental torment, assuring them that their experiences are acknowledged and believed.

Learningtodive "Trust In Me" press photo

The influence of Terry Hall, renowned for his work with bands like The Specials and Fun Boy Three, resonates within LearningToDive’s sound. By blending elements of trip-hop, ska, and pop, Bonez constructs a captivating sonic tapestry that perfectly complements the weighty emotions expressed in the lyrics. Balancing the track’s dramatic and somber undertones is an undercurrent of optimism, instilling listeners with a sense of resilience and hope. The song is rooted in industrial-like tones, slappy electronic snares, and great synth production creating a strong dark aura. There is a strong dark electronic industrial rock ballad sound to the song beyond its trip-hop roots.

The production quality of “Trust in Me” is impeccable, thanks to the collaborative efforts of co-producer Greg Haver and engineer Clint Murphy. The additional vocals by Alba Rose and the dynamic drumming by Greg Haver enhance the song’s depth and intensity, heightening its impact. Recorded at PureSound Studios in New Zealand and mastered by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound in Nashville, USA, the track boasts a polished and professional sound.

As a standout single from LearningToDive’s upcoming EP, “Trust in Me” showcases the artist’s versatility and their ability to address intricate social issues through their music.




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