Hey, this is your round-up for #LT1KF, Unknown But Essentials! or UBS, and this time I have for you these five acts that you should check out right away!

CAii “SOLO” Released August 17th.

Caii in her own words: “I am a singer, songwriter, and producer of outspoken, defiant, feminist pop music from Manchester, UK. My music is inspired by mental health issues, toxic relationships, and my experience as a young woman in a patriarchal world.”


“Solo is about taking back your power through the act of saying ‘no’ to anything that doesn’t serve you. It’s about having main character energy and knowing you deserve your own story aligning with that. I want my listeners to feel emboldened and understood.”


Robbie Rapids “In Our House” Released July 21st.

Robbie Rapids is a singer/guitarist from Grand Rapids, MI and he has been on the blog before so in case you are curious enough you can take a look at the rest of his articles. But now let’s focus on his newest track released, which also has a video that you can find here.


“A young couple pour their hearts into love, blindly without a plan. Only to find their relationship turns into drama, and regression, yet they try again and again. In fact that lyric line was the last line in the song. However, the producer took out “We try again & again”. Because it wasn’t needed.”

Robbie Rapids

Grace de Gier “You Make Me Feel” Released July 28th.

Grace de Gier is a Colombian rock-pop singer-songwriter and this new track is the third release part of her upcoming EP “Your Name”. She has been recognized by Rolling Stones magazine as a great promise of Rock pop music.


It is one of the deepest songs I have ever written I wrote it for my kids they are everything for me and I wanted to share my thoughts with the world

Grace de Gier

Katie Keddie “Another Day (live session)” Released July 09th.

Katie Keddie’s music has been described as “ethereal vocals, gorgeous instrumentation, stunning alternative folk”, and you can add whatever makes you feel once you get hooked by her beautiful art

“We first recorded this track back in 2021 with the rest of my debut EP ‘Alaska Sadness’, but when we went away to record in February of this year we decided to redo it as a completely live take. The three of us sat in a room in front of an open fire in the North Yorkshire moors – me singing and playing guitar, Tom on guitar and Jake on banjo.”

Star Persona “All Is Forgiven” Released October 05th 2018.

Star Persona are a talented outfit, Claude Malette is the main songwriter, he writes guitars, bass, lyrics, and melody and friends help out with their area of expertise, like drums, vocals, and solos.

“The song is about forgiveness. The act that hurt or offended you might always be with you. But working on forgiveness can lessen that act’s grip on you. It’s also unhealthy for you.”

Claude Malette


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Here is the Unknown But Essentials August Playlist:

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