Hey, this is your round-up for #LT1KF, Unknown But Essentials! or UBS, and this time I have for you these five acts that you should check out right away!

Tiposch “West South West”. Released September 15th

Last year, Tiposch took his inaugural steps onto the musical stage with “Killing Horizon,” followed by “Grandstand” earlier this year. But the latest note in his melodic tapestry is the debut EP, “West South West,” adorned with three songs that unfold like a sunlit day at the beach – bright, warm, and inviting


“West South West” is a musical adventure that spans across genres. From the sun-soaked vibes of “TAKE ME TO THE BEACH” to the introspective musings of “Not even there,” and the indie-pop-meets-rock anthem “West South West” – there’s a sonic journey waiting for you within these tracks.


Domax “Element”. Released September 12th

Domax is an artist, multi-instrumentalist, and producer based in London UK. He is currently playing guitar with The Streets and as a side man session musician he has worked with The Sister Sledge, Incognito, and Emile Sandé. Co-founder of record label/ Collective  HolyShift.


“This Ep started out as a Demo file for a live show but it ended up being its own body of work and I wanted to put it out in to the world . It’s made up of all my favourite sounds sequences and samples from my other 6 releases rearranged and mashed up in to new pieces of music.”


Diana Smith “Salt Water”. Released September 08th

Brooklyn, NY – September 8, 2023 – Diana Smith and her brand new single “Salt Water” was recorded at the artist’s home in Brooklyn and mixed and mastered between Chicago and Los Angeles. After hearing the beachy guitar riffs from a Norweigan producer, Bokoven, she wrote the song within the day as if from memory, coming from a place of pure happiness and self-love.

“I wanted to write a song that felt like me.” said Smith. She went on to say that “I feel my best when I’m exhausted from a day of swimming, with tan skin and frizzy hair. That’s what the song makes you feel like: refreshed and confident in every decision you’ve ever made because you know who you are.

Eckman & Borelius “The Legacy”. Released September 08th

After their debut single “Alone In Darkness” on April 14th, the duo creates beautiful music that makes you feel calm, is back with “The Legacy”, no notice here, just piano and vocals, and maybe one or two necessary additional instruments.

“The song is the first we wrote together in this project. It’s originally an instrumental piano tune. He presented it to me and we changed the verse a bit and I wrote the lyrics. I’m really proud of it and a bit scared without the guitars and the overdubs.”


Myra Monoka “Drive”. Released August 02nd

Drive” has beautiful chill/downtempo vibes the song was produced by Agent M and recorded/mixed by Matt Lawrence (Beyonce, Amy Winehouse, Adele…) with sensual/romantic vocals by Myra Monoka.

We have worked for months on unique visuals using generative AI technology merged with traditional filmmaking, to be used as a full-length music video & 9:16 vertical clips and trailers. 

Myra Monoka


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