Hey, this is your round-up for #LT1KF, Unknown But Essentials! or UBS, and this time I have these six acts that you should check out right away!

SWiiMS “All I die For”. Released October 06th

“All I Die For” started as a sweet simple idea by Mai (the singer/guitarist) she sent Colin (guitarist) the basic verse chord progression and a few great accent parts. Colin starting to develop the idea further adding more parts to the original melody, a chorus and an outro. The basic skeleton of the song was done and ready for melodies and lyrics.

Fortunately for us Mai was in the beginning stages of falling in love and her beautiful poetry was born out of that newness and passion. Wanting to be the best version of herself and the whole process of falling for someone. The first version of the song was quite a bit more Dream Pop and sweet with luscious guitars. The producer for the record, Josh Korody, heard a more rock version, that kept the passion and intesity of the lyrics and amplified it. We love the direction the song took and we hope you love it!”

Mai, Colin, & Cian AKA SWiiMS



“For any new listeners of SWiiMS, hearing the band for the first time, we want to sincerely thank you for taking the time to listen. We appreciate that there is a lot of competition out there for you listening time and we’re honoured to be included in that.”

Mai, Colin & Cian AKA SWiiMS

Taavi Daft “Wondering”. Released October 05th

“Wondering “ is a musical journey into the depths of one’s own self. The melody and the sounds invite you to explore and discover the inner self. The gentle and introspective sounds reflect the quest for self-awareness and the question of where the journey of life should lead. The song conveys the idea that the journey within is just as significant as the external journey of life. It is a musical reflection on self-discovery and the search for meaning in life.

“As an inspiration for my sounds, I go out into nature. Far away from the noise, I breathe in the sounds of the forest, the birds, the stream, and the wind. When composing, I try to transport myself back to those moments and encapsulate my interpretation of those sounds into my tracks.”

Taavi Daft


“The everyday life around us is busier than ever today. Stressful work, numerous appointments, crowded buses and trains, traffic jams on the road, and so on. Many of us long for a break, to simply leave everything behind and experience and enjoy the moment, the here and now. I try to create and express exactly that with my songs. Settle down in a quiet place, listen to my music, and experience inner peace and serenity.”

Taavi Daft

The Footlight District’s “Cut My Heart Out” Released September 29th

Cut My Heart Out is the ANTI-BALLAD from sibling band The Footlight District – the anthem for anyone who’s not mad at their ex, just disappointed. Written following a devastating breakup, the song is the band’s most vulnerable and tender yet and sees them trading their signature crunchy rock sound for a calmer, restrained, and still potent acoustic style.


The accompanying video is equally powerful. Directed by the band’s own Cecil, seeing lead vocalist Sarah in white against a white background holding out her cut-out heart which stains the scene red.


“We didn’t put this out just to make people sad. “We feel that everyone has experienced heartbreak in one form or another and those feelings can make you feel very alone, so we hope when people listen to this track they can hopefully feel less alone by reminding them that there are other people out there who have gone through those same feelings.”

The Footlight District

Garland Green “Baby Blue” Released September 20th

Formed in a garage that could barely contain their boundless enthusiasm, Tasmanian punk band Garland Green erupted onto the scene with a sound that mirrors the wild landscapes of their homeland. Their music is a tempestuous fusion of rebellious punk ethos, blazing guitar riffs, and lyrics that cut to the core of the human experience.


“Baby Blue is a song written about looking back on tough times that we have all gone through. What happened, what was learnt, how we overcome them and the stories that inevitably unfold because of them. Then Sharing these stories with friends and family. And more often that not can be laughed about at the end of the day providing evidence that even in the real crap times they hold the power to create memories that turn into stories to be shared.”

Ben Fenton / Garland Green

No Thanks, Man “Ok Fine” Released September 15th

No Thanks, Man is the complete work of Geraldine Espino – musical vagabond, modern beatnik & polite revolutionary. Her deep vocals cut through percussive melodies and unexpected instrumentation, as a world of influences coalesces into 3-4 minute singles.

“Truly expect the unexpected. One song will never be a definitive introduction to my music because every song is a little bit different..the instrumentation changes and the colors of the music change… Despite the diversity within my work, some common threads remain… percussive melodies, deep vocals and the form of popular music”

Geraldine Espino AKA No Thanks, Man


“I titled the track “OK Fine” because it is a phrase of resignation… not so much a compromise or even acquiesence… just giving in because you’re tired of the resistance. Once I named the song, I started to notice just how often the phrase was used. I’d be walking down the street and overhear someone on a cell phone say “OK Fine! We can do it that way.” or maybe people would be walking and someone would say “OK Fine, we can go there first.”

Gerarline Espino AKA No Thanks, Man

Danil “These Thoughts” Released January 28th

Danil, whose real name is Daniel Knieps, was born in Wittlich in 1984 under the sign of Virgo and currently lives in the small town of Künzelsau in Baden-Württemberg, Germany At the age of 10, he took a handful of guitar lessons only to write his first song with a few chords. And “These Thoughts” is Danil’s debut single.

I’m a queer indie-artist who transformes his experiences into genre-fluid music to send love and glitter to a world that’s desperately needing it.



“My song ‘These Thoughts’ is about intrusive thoughts that keep whispering things like “You’re not good enough” or “You will never make it” and the impact they have on a daily basis. I was full-on depressed when I started to write this song and it became a companion through my way back into life. And when I became myself again, I finally was brave enough to record music and release this song at the beginning of this year. So ‘These Thoughts’ is kind of a liberation to me and I think that there are so many people out there who could use a little something from that spirit.”



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