Hey, this is your round-up for #LT1KF, Unknown But Essentials! or UBS, and this time I have for you these five acts that you should check out right away!

Gin Wife “Rat Race”. Released October 13th

Gin Wife is an indie rock solo project by Sierra Torres. And “Rat Race” her debut single. While playing live, she is accompanied by the incredible talents of Eli Slaughter (bass), Macy Santa Maria (drums), and Patrick Gleeson (guitar) who play as a group under the band name The Tonics, making the live set Gin Wife and the Tonics (yuk yuk).


“This track is a dig at sycophantic behavior and feeling the need to put innocent people down to feel more significant. I was excited to get to channel my angst over being the recipient of this behavior into a little project that became something I’m now stoked to let others who can relate listen to!”

Gin Wife

Deltawelle “Setiments” EP. Released October 13th

Almost eight months after the last EP “Alles soll schön sein” there is new material from the new wave band Deltawelle. The EP is called “Sentiments”. Since there are no fixed rules in “sphere preservation” (that’s what they call their writing process), new sounds and linguistic novelty await here. All four songs are sung entirely in French. They were written in Leipzig and Berlin in 2022/2023. There are four different stories that are told.


“The single “Sentiments” tells of a dream walking in emotional chaos, an overload of mood swings, and being trapped in passivity. The second song “Retroviseur” is about daydreaming and escaping reality. The song “Oublié” describes a hortatory speech by space traveler Alexander Gerst. The EP ends with the ballad “Jusqu’à ce que le soleil se couche” Two souls floating in the cosmos are described in the song.”


Ballon Shed “Frank Says”. Released October 09

Balloon Shed is the bedroom pop project of Bristol (UK) based singer/songwriter, Rowan Davies. Proudly lo-fi and offbeat, the artist delivers bouncy garage rock that takes inspiration from the 80s/ 90s alt-rock acts and the kind of critical messaging purveyed by more contemporary artists such as Jeff Rosenstock and AJJ.


“It’s the first song I ever wrote and Balloon Shed’s first proper release so it felt fitting to dedicate it to one of my all-time heroes: Black Francis. I’ve always loved his sci-fi leanings and ability to work dark, fantastical stories into punchy indie rock earworms. So why not imagine an alternate universe where, as a doomsday preacher, he guides those seeking to flee a dying earth for a new home amongst the stars? “Experimental launch” describes this song in more ways than one…”

Rowan Davis AKA Ballon Shed

VAAMP “Either Or”. Released October 06th

VAAMP is a bedroom-produced project out of Nashville, TN. VAAMP combines multi-layered synths, experimental sounds, drums, bass, keys, and guitar. The main inspiration behind the project is nature and the state of being blissfully present in each moment. VAAMPs music exists to scratch your brain itch. The goal is to make you feel something and also to let you know that everything is going to be okay.


“A fun fact about “Either Or” is that it is named after a climbing route at my local climb gym. VAAMP is kinda of a mixed bag with regards to genre. I don’t really have a specific sound, I just create based on the emotions I am feeling that day.”


20 Year Short Break “Bring it on”. Released October 06th

“20 Year Short Break” was founded in 2019 by Dan Wright (guitar) and Rob Miller (vocals) to resume their musical journey after a long hiatus. Driven by talent and a passion for honest rock music, they began crafting songs, reemerging in 2020 with their debut single, “Old Dusty Road,” exactly 20 years after their last musical endeavor together.


“Bring it on delves into the potential dark side of any relationship. It’s powerful, unfiltered, and even a bit gritty. This isn’t about finding solutions; it’s about letting off steam. And that doesn’t always align with the truth, and it doesn’t have to.”

20 Year Short Break

Jamie’s Tone “Take a Chance”. Released September 22nd

This is Jaime’s Tone’s newest single released “Take a Chance”. The song is more pop-rock-oriented than previous titles of the artist. This single is extracted from the upcoming Jaime’s Tone’s 3rd album, currently planned to be released in early 2024. A second single extracted from the album is scheduled to be released in November 2023, so stay tuned and follow the artist for updates.

“I started working on some sections of ‘Take a Chance’ quite a long time ago. Only now have I had the opportunity to make it into a song, and I am really happy with the result. “The lyrics basically express that we shall all take our chances when we have the opportunity”.

Jaime’s Tone



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