Sweet Jayne “Don’t Ya”

When the debut single had a bit of a dark edge to it, this one stands out with light and floating melodies offering a delightful mood. It begins softly with the fiddle and guitar singing gently in unison, before expanding to something that sound like attending a smallish but super cozy live concert somewhere near the forest during midsummer night. Sounding lively, it’s a celebration of life and all of its joys no matter how small.


‘Slide’ is about the search for meaning, our origins and our destinies. Topics that occupy us all every day.
But it goes one step further and describes the feeling of losing sight of the essential in this process.
Suddenly thoughts become a load and you carry a burden with you.


“Phantom describes the moment you realize the relationship doesn’t serve anything, and you’ve essentially trapped yourself. The lightbulb’s gone off and you’re like, ‘okay, I need to GTFO now!’ … from that second on it’s about leaving the past behind, both physically and mentally.” – Richey Rose, musical director/guitarist.

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