Robbie Rapids warns us in new track “Babylonian Dragon”

An exciting and terrific track about a femme fatale! “Babylonian Dragon” by Robbie Rapids warns any poor soul to stay away from this dangerous woman in a thrilling Classic Rock-inspired track with Grunge-like riffs. Out now!

What’s going on ladies and gentlemen, welcome back! It’s your boy, MadZen and today we have a very nice release for you. A song about a criminal lady who seduces men and abducts them for money. Brought to us by the dynamic duo of Robbie Rapids and David Levene, this track will send chills down your spine while you head-bang to its Rock N’ Roll riffs! Let’s get to it.

Robbie and David are a Rock N’ Roll duo from the USA who love Psychedelic and Classic Rock. Their different styles blend together perfectly as they create lively and spirited music with heavy doses of high-gained guitars and big fat drums. Their most recent release, “Babylonian Dragon” is a nightmare/fantasy about meeting a woman online, getting hypnotized /drugged, and ending up handcuffed in an unknown location.

For this track, Robbie hired director David Ignacio to film the storyline of the song, with David Levene & Robbie helping with the script. The result is a mysterious-looking music video filled with crime, drama, and a good dose of seductive shots. You will see the two main characters, the devious woman and the unaware male victim, as they move from a harmless date of seduction to a terrifying kidnapping experience.

All fun and games until realizing you are being held ransom & must transfers a large sum of money. You have heard of playing with fire, this is playing with the Babylonian Dragon!

Just like the video, the track is filled with twists and turns, keeping the song fresh and entertaining to the listener. Its uplifting vibes help counter the hairy lyrics, and the hard-kicking instrumentation will have you grooving for days.


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