Raffael Seyfried, “Passage”

March 29, 2021

Welcome back, my fellow music enthusiasts! This Monday we’ve got the pleasure of sharing with you the multi-faceted sound of Raffael Seyfried, who has just released a very special instrumental track!

Raffael Seyfried is a pianist and composer from Düsseldorf, Germany. Influenced by musicians as Nils Frahm, his work delves into the possibilities offered by the juxtaposition of acoustic and electronic elements, as they allow him to present unusual soundscapes that transcend the limitations of any genre. Since 2018, he’s been looking into the interaction of live piano improvisation and a modular synthesizer, in an ongoing video series. Also worth noting, his work as a composer and orchestrator has been part of international film and television productions.

Passage” is a poetic piece that explores the relationship between technology and sound. During its introduction, the ordinary sensation of time seems to slow down and fade away, as consciousness becomes immersed in the musical discourse of a minimalist piano performance and tape loops that serve as a meditative, vintage motive. While there is an attractive complexity arising from the combination of these technological resources, the simplicity and beauty of the melodic and harmonic material guarantee an emotionally grounding experience. Discrete string appearances contribute to a heightened intensity; as the piece advances, Raffael brings in additional electronic elements and produces a more robust sound with his piano, before the music returns to its initial softness and dissipates.

“Raffael’s music is in a lot of ways about artifacts. Be it the way the piano is prepared or the spirit of various pieces of old and new technology that all leave their fingerprint on the sound and the music. This is the case with “Passage” through the use of tape loops on both a reel to reel and a cassette player as well as a peculiar digital sampler a texture is created that is modern and evokes feelings of nostalgia.”


With this thoughtful piece, the artist taps into tradition and reflects on the development of musical aesthetics in relation to the present technological developments, as the great composers have done during past eras. New possibilities of sound effects and combinations become valuable resources for the evolution of music; the vision of the composer integrates legacy and innovation as he creates a passage, from his present into the future. Raffael Seyfried shares his explorations of acoustic and electronic material in a sensitive and very introspective single that we can’t recommend enough!

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