JUZE (feat. C4LVN)- “Just Okay”

Electronic Pop wunder artist Juze has once again returned with a song to fill the dance floors and make you feel part of his story. “Just Okay” is the perfect upbeat blend of heartbreak and dance, a lush production full of nostalgic ambience which includes the collaboration of Adrian Kirchdorfer (pka C4LVN). If you’ve never heard of this amazing producer now you do, and we’re sure you’ll love his music.

Juze is an EDM music producer from the Netherlands who over the years has refined his production techniques and developed a passionate style of his own. Having worked with songwriters of Chris Brown, French Montana, Kelly Roland, Skrillex, and BTS, among others, the impact his music has had across the globe is beyond doubt. Now, Juze comes back with a new single to confront some of the unhealthy and ungiving relationships he has had along his life.

“Just Okay” is about how Juze felt under-appreciated in an unreciprocated relationship, where one-sided efforts to maintain a harmonic bond were the way to go. Man, do we feel related. But it’s not only us who felt the same emotions as featured artist C4LVN went through similar circumstances, this made him a perfect fit to take part in this song.

Reminiscent of LANY, Lauv, Shy Martin, Maisie Peters, and JP Saxe, “Just Okay” mixes an upbeat soft-pop production with trap rhythms, magical vibes and beautiful vocal harmonies. Always with a self-challenging vibe to his songs, Juze seeks empowerment through his songs with positive messages and energy, even if it takes channeling his pain and struggles through music.

Having gathered millions of streams both on Spotify and Youtube with his previous singles, “Night Shift”, “Shut Your Mouth (and Dance)”, and his recent gem “Three Words”, Juze is now planning his singing debut with a cover of Snow Patrol’s “Chasing Cars”, where he seeks to give the love ballad a new modern approach and sound.

He has also played in New York, Bangkok, Ibiza, Liverpool, Amsterdam, Rimini, Cologne, and Munich, making of him a real globetrotter and an international success. His first single of 2020 “Shut Your Mouth (And Dance)” has
surpassed one million streams alone.

There’s no doubt Juze is on the right track, as he continues to gather hundreds of followers and fans on social media and the dance floors. We support the messages Juze delivers, the passion of his music and the talent he’s got to transmit power and energy.

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