Addictions are not pretty, neither is the path to overcome them. Vivamus is California based prog-rock power trio Coranima’s new single, and it is big, it is wide, it is explosive. A song to keep oneself on a clean path, and to remember those who lost the battle.

Coranima is a quite new band, born from the online collaborations the pandemic brought up. Within just 3 months of being active, the band has successfully released three singles and received radio plays in 12 different radio stations, including 5 features and two interviews.

Having their songs already been placed on over 60 Spotify playlists (and that’s only for the first two), the band is taking an aggressive marketing approach to achieve the most exposure to their music.

Fern Rivera (vocals, guitar), Ethan McGuire (guitar, drums) and Shawn Boone Jr (bass), met each other through online collaboration in January 2021. Big, powerful and wide, their sound is influenced by the aggression and emotion from bands like Breaking Benjamin, Volumes, Alice in Chains, Linkin Park, and Bring Me the Horizon.

The single, Vivamus, is inspired by the band’s own experience with addictions and overcoming the disease. It references loved ones who lost the battle, but delivers the final message to keep going, never surrender, overcome the disease.

“Along the way we have witnessed loved ones succumb to the disease. Vivamus is about one such story. However, The overall meaning and direction is to not lose hope, to not give up, to fight it everyday. And that even though they are gone, we will keep our promise and continue to fight our addictions with them in our hearts and minds.” – Coranima.

The song is an explosive and raw conveyance of fate, love, loss and hope. Mixing the aggression of nu-metal and the harshness of Industrial, Coranima achieves a perfect blend of melodic elements without compromising its sharpness.

We will soon be hearing more from them, as they’re planning to release two more songs this year, “Somnium” and “Mortem”. They’re also planning to release a music video in June.

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