Garrow Hill “Heartache for the Heartless”

We’re glad to announce that York, UK-based hard rock band Garrow Hill have released a new single, entitled “Heartache for the Heartless.”

Garrow Hill are Stew King – Vocals and Guitar, Mark Chappell – Vocals and Guitar, Dan Rawcliffe – Bass, and PG Branton – Drums. Regarding their beginnings as a band, they write, “Garrow Hill was destined to be as one but lived in two halves, unknown to themselves. Strangely, both Stew and PG have been in bands together for many years, forming a few teenage angst Metal bands to more matured Alt Rock outfits in their local music scene. At the same time, Dan and Mark were also in the same bands partnering up for some darker pop punk bands to forming Indie Rock infused collaborations. Call it fate or chance, but serendipity played its part as Mark and PG met at work in not so much a “water cooler moment” but conversations about music soon turned to chats about bands and before long about playing live. It didn’t take long before Dan, Mark and PG tried out as a 3 piece but noticed a potential route forward and introduced a second guitarist and dual vocalist in Stew King.

Garrow Hill have been interviewed and featured on local, national and international radio stations, including the Minster FM breakfast show, where Mark and Stew performed live and acoustic in the studio. From their self-titled debut EP, the tracks “Skeletons” and “One Way Glass” have also both had regular local radio play; and Garrow Hill have gained positive feedback from playlisters, vloggers and influencers alike. In addition, they’ve supported local, national and even international artists in concert; and they were due for a large opportunity playing support for Janus Stark, although the COVID-19 pandemic unfortunately saw that opportunity pushed aside.

Prior to releasing their new single, the first release of their Versions EP in January 2021 gathered critical acclaim, and it was featured across the world on both indie and some mainstream radio, as well as on established shows in the UK. Garrow Hill’s new single, “Heartache for the Heartless,” was recorded by Joe Graves at Inner Sound Studios (Asking Alexandria, Glamour of the Kill) and tracked over 2 days during October 2020. All the music was written by Garrow Hill, it and was recorded and mixed by Joe Graves.

Garrow Hill draw from a diverse range of musical styles that can be heard in their music; as they explain, “The band’s influences are mainly centred around most incarnations of Rock music, though there may be elements of more contemporary or even popular music! There is a kaleidoscope of genre bending going on, for some there is a Hard Rock/Metal leaning (from Nu Metal to NWOBHM and anywhere in between), there’s a classic American Rock style (Rock n Roll to Punk), an Alternative edge and, if detected, a large hat tip to Grunge, Indie-Rock and Lo Fi vibes.

In addition to their musical influences, the members of Garrow Hill also share other common interests that unite the members of the band; as they write, “Bridging a large volume of musical tastes is one part, the second sees the band being influenced by the same British satire and comedy sketches, usually on the darker side, that seem to under pin the foundations of each individual’s connection to each other. There is also an 80’s nostalgia theme that runs deep too: we’re talking particularly Horror and Sci-Fi flicks of the classic era.

For those curious about the story behind their name, the band explain, “Garrow Hill is actually a place in York, it’s not really known for much except it’s close to the University. But go back many years and into the 17th Century and Garrow Hill has a dirtier and dark history that inspires a lot of the band’s ideas. To that end, Garrow Hill delves into York’s mirky past, never too far from unpicking some cryptic facts and fiction that closely relate to a more subconscious, threatening world of alternative entertainment.

Regarding the lyrical themes in their new single, the band write, “it’s a song that looks at regret and perhaps what we do in life that we often think we could have done something else instead. Its more about making mistakes and accepting things are not perfect and living in the now and not living with negative baggage. We especially look at mistakes and imperfection in such an adverse light, particularly from the media and socially, that we often forget that we are human and by design, will never be perfect. Don’t break your heart with things you can’t control.

“Heartache for the Heartless” immediately draws the listener in with a powerful, distorted guitar riff, which is underscored by the sharp attack of the drums and the resounding bass. As the dynamic vocal melodies enter with their thoughtful lyrics, the guitars take on a more reflective quality, their effects-laden chords drifting above the bass and drums. I especially enjoy the blistering guitar solo towards the end of the track, which soars over the sustained rhythm guitar chords to a great effect and leads nicely back to the song’s anthemic chorus. Garrow Hill’s superb compositional skills and musicianship are exemplified throughout the track, as each movement of the track transitions nicely into the next, taking on the listener on a captivating journey.

“Heartache for the Heartless” is a highly enjoyable listen, and I would definitely recommend this track to fans of hard rock and indie rock alike.

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