Aykiyah “ain’t got time”, “replace u”

Breaking the rules of creativity to find true artistic freedom, the newly debuted Aykiyah surpasses the limits of her own inventiveness and adds an extra flare to her two groovy singles, ‘replace u’ and ‘ain’t got time’.

Currently twenty years-old and living in Los Angeles, after moving there from Illinois, Chicago, Aykiyah is a singer-songwriter who’s felt a connection to music since the age of nine, back when she wrote her first song for a talent show. Although that song was not released and shared with the world, the fire that it lit inside her was strong enough to not only last, but grow throughout the years as her love for music became deeper and deeper. 

Aykiyah’s unique RnB and pop influenced sound is partly thanks to artists she admires and feels affect her music, such as Michael Jackson, Ariana Grande, Enya, SZA, The Weeknd, and Summer Walker. With a blend of classic 90’s pop and RnB with their modern counterparts, the end result is a funky bass with clear RnB rhythms and an underlying pop inspiration seeping through at unexpected moments.

Her latest release is a two-single mini EP, with both songs being about a relationship turned sour. ain’t no time and replace u show different moments and feelings Aykiyah had regarding her previous relationship and she learned to heal and move on. The tracks were written with the help of co-writer Annell Moya and producers frostdagreat and sayprano, and produced in an actual studio.

Inspired by her favorite decade of music, both songs have a specific flair reminiscent of 90’s RnB, with the added Aykiyah elements the artist gave in order to own the song and make the beats feel unique to her. A deep bass and slow but hard-hitting beats are something to look forward to when giving these songs a listen, and Aykiyah’s passion-filled voice adds the final emotional touch every RnB song needs.

The order in which the songs came out and are listened to holds some importance, as it allows the listener to sense the emotional development and changes made in between each track. With replace u emitting more of that initial annoyance felt when a relationship is stuck or sinking, Aykiyah expresses the feelings she had after finally leaving a relationship where she wasn’t being loved the way she wanted and deserved.

“I feel like it’s a universal thing. it doesn’t necessarily have to be a romantic relationship but I’d just gotten out of a relationship where I didn’t feel like we connected or were on the same page emotionally. I wanted an out, and to have peace knowing I gave my all and there was really nothing left to be said. It’s just that last straw of feeling under appreciated and having the ability to say “you know what, I deserve better”,” the artist explained regarding the first track.

On the other hand, ain’t got time takes place later on. By this point, all the bad feelings had already passed away and the negative thoughts had faded, and with a clearer mind Aykiyah was able to realize once again how she was better off without that person in her life. With a clearer mind, the artist could properly appreciate her own decision. For listeners who are in the final stages of getting over a past lover, ain’t got time will most likely resonate with their current thought process. 

Aykiyah gives a more personal explanation, once again mentioning her relationship for context. “ain’t got time is replace u but after the healing process in my opinion, haha. I wrote it after feeling all the bad things after this relationship ended. I woke up one day and was like “You know what, I didn’t need this person. They needed me.” and it was so empowering that I just had to create an anthem of sorts, to prove to anyone that you are enough alone and being content with who you are, is far better than letting yourself go through toxic relationships.”

Thriving on giving people an outlet to feel seen, heard, and appreciated, Aykiyah strives to create a connection between her and listeners that will allow all parties to feel understood and no longer alone. Aykiyah’s beats give the extra boost of confidence, and her lyrics are empowering and related for everyone to different degrees. 

If you desire to feel belonging and support, and being reminded of your own worth and the importance of being yourself, at least one of Aykiyah’s will be able to become your safe haven for as long as it’s needed.

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