India and The Jones “Caught In The Middle”

In this society full of expectations for everything, the knowledge of who you truly are is one of the most sacred assets, and something not everyone has managed to find yet. With this in mind, I’m glad to introduce a wonderfully written song that invites the listener to join and get started on their journey to self-discovery. Read on to learn more about this song and the artist!

The star of this writeup is India and the Jones, a project run by a dynamic duo of singer-songwriter India Jordan and songwriter-producer Projay. Based in LA, the duo has been writing music together ever since they met in 2014, and in 2017 they decided to start writing music as India and the Jones. Pulling influences from soul music through time, the duo’s music is fresh, gentle and spacious indie pop with celestial vibes. India’s singing voice is soulful, beautiful and just the kind that belongs to a grand stage.

The duo is now ready to release their second single called “Caught In The Middle“. It opens with a strongly movie-like choir of strings before the vocal introduces herself with a smoky charming tone. “Everybody tells me who to be”, she sings at the beginning, as she’s about to turn her back to that and embark on a journey which is all about self-defining and not succumbing to the expectations of others. The chorus opens up a vibrant layered world spiraling straight to sky-level heights with her celebrating vocals, which paints the image of a victorious woman standing on top of the mountain, feeling the fresh wind flowing through her hair. A truly epic and beautiful song to celebrate the true you with.

“The song has many meanings for me. I wrote it about the sensation of letting go of attachment to externally imposed roles or expectations. Lately I’m embracing the expansive potential of void space, and I think this song captures that curiosity to explore.”

This song is also accompanied by an equally captivating music video following a black woman character on her journey to self-discovery. An added bonus is a lo-fi instrumental tune “Somewhere in the Middle”, which you can hear a glimpse of at the end of the video and find along with the single on streaming services.

India and the Jones invites you all to join their colorful musical world: ““You can expect to hear an eclectic celebration of soul and alternative music from India and The Jones. A range of flavors!

They also share what is coming up in this realm: “I’m having a lot of fun working on an EP now that I hope to release in the fall. Can’t wait to share that one with you!”


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