When I first started listening to this two-part single, I got completely caught in the beautiful atmosphere the guitar created. Mixed so beautifully, as the voice got involved and then other guitars, I was amazed. The delicate touch the piano gives as it introduces itself feels like a warm hug. Overall a marvelous work, the way the composition its made will make you feel involved in the music, will make you feel as if you are right there with them. As the second song started, I was so glad there were two tracks because I didn’t want it to end.

This band I had the great pleasure to listen to is called The Tiger Moths. They are a five-piece Americana inspired rock band from London that will transport you to a beautiful era were folk and rock music merged to make this outrageous sound. This beautiful sound the Moths are giving us is due to the heavy influence they have of the music from the late 60s/early 70s folk-rock and country rock scenes. It’s so easy to get hooked with their music because they combine alt-country guitar runs with jazz-infused piano and a thundering rhythm section forging a fresh and exciting twist on the Americana genre. 

The band were due to play the semi-final of the Isle of Wight Festival New Blood competition, as well as Camden Rocks Festival, before the pandemic struck in 2020. They didn’t let the pandemic stop them from doing what they are passionate about, and with a couple of EPs already behind them, they are bringing us their full length album this autumn. 

This wondrous alignment was formed from the ashes of the bands King Of Spain and Erin Black and the Devil’s Hand. They are Rich Orpin (vocals, guitar, harmonica), Alex Rosenberg (piano, vocals), Tom Watson (bass, vocals), Dave Moschini (drums), and Tom Fleming (guitar).

“We recorded these songs in a house in north London during the pandemic. We used a range of vintage instruments mainly from the 1970s to recreate the sound of the era we love – but with our own modern twist on it. Instruments used include a 1973 Wurlitzer piano, 1977 fender Rhodes, 1977 fender P bass and 1974 Fender Telecaster custom.”

The Wind In Your Sails is about being on a journey over which you have no control. It describes a sense of moving through time and space with no real knowledge over where you’re going and where the only certain thing is that you cannot return to the past.”

Definitely the lyrics of this song spoke to me. This song is beautifully written in a way you can profoundly connect and feel identified with.

You Really Don’t Know is a rocker, written about a conceited person who believes they know everything when they really know almost nothing.“

In love with the overalll vibes of this track, gives you a sensation of rebellion.

I really recommend you go check out their double A-side single (The Wind in Your Sails – You Really Don’t Know) to get a taste of what’s in store on their debut album coming very soon.

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