California rock trio are back with their brand new single “House Of Wax” a progressive-like tune that strikes quick and swift through the listener’s ears and bones. A song that plays upon the fear of being found out, regrets, anxiety, and shame. Listen to “House Of Wax” now!

Red Morrow is a three-piece band from Alhambra, CA, USA, whose members might seem (quite literally) poles apart, being so that you have a native Angeleno, a Floridian transplant and a globe-trotting Ukrainian. Despite the geographical differences, this musicians find great similarities in music taste and a special pull towards heavy old metal classics.

I’m talking about Metallica and Black Sabbath, mixed with the heavy pop punk anthems from the likes of Rise Against and a variety of Eastern European melodic punk bands. With all of these influences the band puts together hulking and catchy riffs, all the while embracing the highly infectious ear-worms characteristic of modern pop anthems. “There’s no stylistic limitations in place and no appreciation for the easily definable.

The instrumentation of “House Of Wax” is a violent rush of high-gain guitars, a sturdy backbone of slamming drums and the aggressive drive of a molting bass. The song was put together lyrically to represent a monarchical figure ready to meet its demise: “Overarching, the song plays upon the fear of being found out, a theme that resonates acutely with the deepest caverns of our being: our regrets, our anxiety, and our shame.” – Red Morrow.

These boys write without pretentiousness and unashamed of how their own vulnerabilities might be perceived. “Crafting tunes like an open nerve ending, their unfiltered emotions are on full display for the listener, with the hope they’ll find solace in their shared exposure.”

They seem bonded together by the common goal of sharing something authentic. In the words of bassist Michael Aripez: “Authenticity is liberation. It’s being able to just live as you want and do things without having to think about if other people will get it.” Genuine self-expression, fear and discomfort make part of some of the main topics for Red Morrow’s songs.

A more in-depth insight about “House of Wax” was brought to us by the band itself:

The song came together pretty quickly around the main riff, as each section seemed to flow effortlessly into the next. After the release of our first two singles “Out Loud” and “Pro Re Nata”, we really wanted to center a song around a simple but unforgettable hook. When we were constructing the verses, we wanted to put a huge emphasis on dynamics and really drawn in the listener through a soft, sensitive introduction of the vocals. We knew these characteristics would set the tune apart from the majority of hard rock/metal songs you’d find on a playlist, and we’re very proud of that.” – Red Morrow.

A promising development has been made since the release of their first single, “Out Loud”. Bigger, faster, stronger, these guys’ music seems to go from good to better, and now great. What will come next for this international trio? What is it to be expected from this hard rock, metal younglings? Hope we find out soon!

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