Nouel “Milky Way”

It’s Monday and the beginning of a new week full of new opportunities. Even if you don’t like Mondays – understandable, who does? – I feel it’s a perfect opportunity to bring in some fresh winds and introduce a very new artist and her debut single. This song you’re about to read on will offer just the perfect amount of chill vibes!

The artist of today’s writeup is Nouel, a young Swedish singer-songwriter. Driven by her appreciation of joy in little things in life, the artist believes that a good song can be born out of anything. Nouel is her artistic vessel to prove just that as well as bring happiness and comfort to the listeners. Maybe also teach us to stay optimistic and see nice things around us!

Nouel describes her music as “sleepy folk”, a marriage of themes pulled from the artist’s life and her musical influences such as likes of Simon & Garfunkel, Elliot Smith and Laura Marling.

In February, Nouel released her debut single “Milky Way“, which does follow the singer’s description – the softness in her whole sound is hard to miss. The dreamy guitars and piano notes painting the atmosphere in warm tones have a slight lo-fi quality to them, as does the percussion. And when we get to the best part of the song – her caressing voice, it’s safe to say this song will find its way into your chill evenings.

Her lyrics for this song paint a bit different image. As she sings about a person and the activities he did, the words introduce a deep sense of longing. It’s a bit like holding a photograph of a friend that is no longer around. In a way this song becomes a farewell, in another it’s a way to cope with the feelings of yearning. Altogether, “Milky Way” holds a lot more depth under the velvety soft sound than it may seem when you first hit play, and the song offers to be the warmest blanket for those of us pondering and struggling with those similar feelings.

“Milky Way” also announces Nouel’s soon-to-arrive debut album called “Short Stories”, so stay tuned!

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